3 Week Diet Program: Essential Information You Need To Know

Diabetic Diet

Diet fads come and go so quickly that it can be hard to keep up with the latest trending way to
lose weight. While many people have lost weight using popular diet methods such as the Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers or the South Beach Diet, there has also been some diet fads that end up being very controversial.

That’s because we only find out how dangerous many of these diet plans are after hundreds of
people have already tried them out. Practically any diet plan can be dangerous if you don’t follow the directions correctly. They can also cause problems if you don’t consult with your doctor before you start dieting.

Fad diets that claim you can a substantial amount of weight within a matter of days like the 3 week diet, can also be dangerous for some individuals. Especially diabetics. Before we look at whether the 3 week diet is dangerous for diabetics, you need to learn more about how this popular diet program works.

What Is The 3 Week Diet?

The 3 week diet program was developed in 2015 and quickly gained popularity in a very short time. This diet claims to be fool-proof, based on science and 100% guaranteed to melt away between 12 to 23 pounds of fat in just 21 days.

3week diet

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Obviously with claims like that, it’s no wonder the 3 week diet gained so much attention when it was introduced. Who wouldn’t want to lose up to 23 pounds in such a short time? It would be the perfect diet program to help you prepare for summer or an upcoming special event such as a wedding.

Why Does The 3 Week Diet Program Work?

The problem with diet programs and dieting in general is that most people do not have the motivation to keep going unless they see almost instant results.

Losing two pounds a week is a nice and healthy option that many doctors will suggest to their
overweight patients. But even that pace can be too slow for some dieters. That’s why so many diets fail because we don’t have the patience to keep going and stay on track until we get the results we want.

Dieting for weeks and weeks with very limited results can un-motivate people very quickly.
Nutrition and weight loss experts have known this fact for a long time. And that was the primary reason why the 3 week diet program was established. To help people see results quickly so that they stay motivated and stay on their diet.

The 3 Week Diet was developed by nutritionist and personal trainer Brian Flatt. He wanted to come up with a system that would accelerate weight loss and cause the body to burn away fat quickly.

As you would imagine, losing as much as 23 pounds in just 3 weeks is not an easy task. This diet plan is brutal. Even though you may see positive results in a very short time, it is still going to be a difficult struggle during those 21 days.

The good news is that the 3 Weeks Diet manual walks you through every step and tells you want to do each day to maintain your diet for the course of 3 weeks. It also tells you what to do after those 3 weeks are over so that you can maintain your new weight.

The 3 Week Diet Program takes some of the best ideas from the latest dieting fads such as the Warrior Diet and the Keto Diet to create a plan that fights fat more than any other program out there.

The 4 Phases Of The 3 Week Diet

The 3 week diet is broken down into 3 parts and 4 phases. Those who have had success with this diet program will say that it is very important to follow all directions during each phase to see positive results.

The Three Parts of the 3 Week Diet

The three main parts of this diet plan are:

  • The diet itself
  • The exercise program
  • Mindset, motivation and willpower

The actual diet is broken down into 4 phases:


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Phase 1 (Days 1-7)

Those who have tried out the 3 Week Diet and had success with it usually report that they lose the most weight during phase 1. That is because this is the cleansing part of the diet and it can help remove toxins, waste buildup, and excessive fat from your digestive system.

You are only allowed to eat very specific foods during this phase. While there is a good variety, the amount can be difficult for many people to adjust to. Some of the foods that you are allowed to eat during Phase 1 include:

  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Beef
  • Eggs
  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Tomatoes

Phase 2 (Day 8)

This may be the shortest phase of them all, but it is also the most difficult for many people. Also known as “The 24 Hour Fast). After you eat dinner on Day 7, you don’t eat anything again until dinner time on Day 8. You are allowed to have black coffee, herbal tea, or raw vegetables during this time if you need to calm your grumbling stomach.

Phase 3 (Days 9-11)

This is known as the Fat Phase and during this time you must eat a certain amount of calories, with around 80% of those calories being fat. This may sound counterintuitive if you want to burn fat and calories, but research has shown that foods high in fat and low in protein can actually help your body lose fat in a short period.


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This doesn’t mean that you will be eating all deep-fried foods during this phase. A sample meal plan from this part of the diet would include bacon and eggs for breakfast, salmon and avocado for lunch and a steak for dinner. You can have nuts or hard boiled eggs as snacks throughout the day.

Phase 4 (Days 12-21)

During this phase you will start to gradually add different types of food to your diet. You will also receive a customized calorie plan that is based on your weight loss goals and your BMR. At this point, your eating habits have drastically changed, and dieting is an effortless task. While it may be difficult to reach this point of the diet, it isn’t impossible.

Is The 3 Week Diet Safe For Diabetics?

At this point, if you have read all about how the 3 week diet program works, and you are a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic, you may already have your answer. Any diet plan that involves fasting for 24 hours can be dangerous for a diabetic. Fasting, even for a short amount of time can cause a diabetic’s blood glucose level to drop.

Diabetics can fast for a short time as long as they eat something to help sustain their glucose levels before their fasting period begins. Many people fast before they go to a doctor’s appointment when they need to have blood drawn for testing, including diabetics. So, it is possible to fast, even if you are a Type 1 diabetic. As long as you take the proper precautions to correct low blood sugar levels.

If a diabetic’s blood glucose level isn’t brought back up to a safe amount in time, they could experience complications such as becoming weak, confused, disoriented or in the most severe cases, they could have a seizure or even fall into a coma.

The only way that the 3 week diet program would be safe for a diabetic, is if they were allowed to have some type of carbs during the fasting period, or if they could take a glucose supplement such as tablets or liquid. This could help bring their glucose levels back up while they remained on the diet.

Aside from the 24-hour fasting on Day 8, the remainder of the diet and the foods that you are required to eat shouldn’t be a big issue for a diabetic as long as they adjust their level of insulin or diabetic medication, keep a constant check on their sugar levels, and make sure that they eat enough carbs to keep them from dropping too low, a diabetic should be able to lose weight using this program.

Consult With Your Doctor Before Starting The 3 Week Diet Program

Anyone who is considering starting the 3 week diet program should first consult with their doctor first. Whether you have a serious health condition or not, it is important that you get your healthcare provider’s opinion on if they think this program is a good choice for you.

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