The Bit 360 Graded Review

No beating around the proverbial bush, I’ll come right out and say it: the Bit 360 multi bit screwdriver all but saved my life. I’m not a big fan of home repairs, nor do I fancy myself any kind of home improvement enthusiasm. In fact, I’ve always found such chores to be quite a tedious drag. And, I don’t know how or why (possibly because I was never too well-organized with my tools), I always found myself having to go up and down ladders, because I missed just the tool or screwdriver bits I needed for a particular repair. As this Bit 360 review goes to show, all that changed when the modular screwdriver came into my life, thanks to one lucky purchase.

What is Bit 360?

bit 360

Find out if the bit 360 modular screwdriver is right for you

As touched upon above, the Bit 360 is a multi-bit screwdriver, which also comes complete with a six screwdriver bit set. The trick about it is that it has a rotating chamber, for holding and exchanging all the bits, as needed. It’s also awfully simple to make the switch; all you have to do is pull out loading compartment, twist it until you get to the bit you need, and then push the chamber back. The six bit set includes all the most common screwdriver bit types, but, by and large, it’s compatible with just about any other type, whose size fits into the screwdriver’s main tube. The whole package only weighs 8 ounces and it’s 5.1 by 10 inches in size. It’s flexibly designed, made to last a lifetime, and includes 3 flathead bits and 3 Philips bits. The ¼ inch base bit is compatible with the most often encountered bits, which you probably already have in your toolkit at home.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bit 360

When I tested the Bit 360 multi-bit screwdriver, I tried really hard to find fault with it. Here’s what I could come up with, during my preliminary use of this tool:

  • It really is great value. It’s built to last and will likely last you for a whole lifetime, just as advertised.
  • The Bit 360 is compatible with German-made bits Wera, which are by far the most durable ones on the market; they’ve been tested for withstanding extra torque and came out the winner every time.
  • Forget always having to wonder where you’ve misplaced your bits. With the Bit 360, even I knew precisely where they were, at all times.
  • The only grievance I would bring to the Bit 360 is that the rotating chamber is made of plastic, which may make it flexible, but also goes a long way in terms of making the product seem fragile.

Where to Buy this Multi Bit Screwdriver

We advise you to buy the Bit 360 off its official website, since this will make your purchase eligible for a double offer, also known as a ‘buy one, get one free’. Pay $10 for the first unit and get the second one completely free of charge, by only adding an extra postage and handling tax of $4.95. Furthermore, if you order off this site, you’ll also get a Bonus Bit 360 screwdriver, for no other costs, except $4.95 for posting and handling. You can pay via PayPal or Amazon, order in Spanish, and also receive a 24-month subscription (which you can opt out of, should you not need it) to the popular magazine Better Homes & Gardens. Finally, the offer comes with a money back guarantee plan, which extends for the duration of an entire year.

The Final Word on this Modular Screwdriver

My verdict on the Bit 360 multi-bit screwdriver kit is definitely positive. I love how simple this tool is, yet how greatly it managed to improve my efficiency in fixing things around the house, as well as my attitude about it. No more moping and whining because I need to go up and down those ladders for me! Now I know I usually have all the bits I need right there with me – and I also don’t have to worry about misplacing such a small, aggravating item as a screwdriver bit. You may be able to find cheaper, similar products in bricks and mortar stores, but I would definitely recommend giving the Bit 360 a try.

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