Should I Buy Clever Grip Online?

Ever since the proliferation of smartphones, it’s pretty clear that their use has more or less taken over our lives. That is, of course, arguably bad because it makes us waste more time and supposedly alienates us, but if you look at it less pessimistically, anyone can see that the use of smartphones and social networks have actually made our lives much better and easier. Furthermore, despite what critics say, smartphones don’t make us and our friends grow apart, recent studies have proven just the opposite to be true. And the utility of smartphones goes beyond staying in permanent contact with friends and family: the devices also keep us well-informed about traffic conditions, the weather, the latest news, shopping opportunities we wouldn’t like to miss and so on. But there is but one trouble with smartphones: we are very tempted to use them while driving, but giving in to this temptation can be very dangerous if it makes us take our eyes off the road. Not to mention that it’s not only dangerous, but it can also bring us quite a consistent fine. This is why I was very intrigued when I saw the TV commercial for Clever Grip, the self-titled best cell phone holder for car use. I decided to give it a try and see if it was indeed as useful and promising as it sounded. Read on in my review to find out if you should buy Clever Grip too.

What is the Clever Grip?

The Clever Grip is a new As Seen on TV product, and a promising model in the series of cell phone holders for cars. You are probably at least vaguely familiar with this type of product, since ads for them have been popping up now and then in the past few years (ever since smartphones have become such a huge consumer hit). The Clever Grip device consists of a cell phone clip and holder, that fits perfectly into your car’s air vents to hold the smartphone right before your eyes without you having to touch it. This way, you can fully enjoy the music on your phone and its GPS service, but without putting your safety in danger by driving and using the phone at the same time.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Clever Grip

These are the main highlights of the Clever Grip cellphone holder:

  • The holder is easy to adjust and customize to your particular smartphone model, so it can fit all sizes and shapes of devices with the same strong grip they promise in the ad. It also fits perfectly into any style of air vent. The clip can rotate 360 degrees, so you can orient it to any angle suits your view best.
  • When you’re not driving, you can still use the Clever Grip as a cellphone stand. This way you can still watch its screen or use it for music while you have your hands busy, if you’re doing the dishes for instance. To use it as a stand, you should slip a credit card or something similarly shaped in the rubber forks in the back (the ones you use to insert it into your car’s air vents).
  • The device is easy to use, pretty cheap and works with any smartphone. It’s fully adjustable, strong enough to hold something as heavy as a brick (not that your smartphone would actually be that heavy) but it’s also lightweight and pretty small.
  • As a downside, I saw that some other customers complained about the device not working very well with larger, tablet-sized phones. So if your phone is almost as large as a tablet, it may not work.

Where to Buy Clever Grip

The best place to buy Clever Grip is, obviously, the product’s website, which allows direct orders to be placed. You need to pay $14.95 for the Clever Grip device itself and a further $7.95 for packaging and handling. The sending costs are a bit high, but the site is offering a special offer if you order two Clever Grip devices: only $2.95 for P&H taxes for the second device. If you like the idea and think it would be useful, maybe buy two holders and gift one, why not?

The Final Word on the Clever Grip

My experience with the Clever Grip was a good one and there was really nothing to complain about. I could benefit fully from the advantages of my phone’s GPS system while driving, and I could also listen to the music I wanted to without taking my eyes off the road. Therefore, I would fully recommend the product for virtually everyone with a smartphone and a car (for most of us, that is). Considering that you can also use the grip as a phone stand during the rest of the time, I really think it’s a very useful device and see no reason why anyone should be discontent with it (assuming long as your phone isn’t the size of a full blown tablet).

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