Is the Colorama Coloring Book an Effective Stress Reliever?


What are effective ways to relieve stress? Working out at the gym? A leisurely walk? Meditation? These are all great means to a calm and relaxing state of well being. In fact there are numerous ways to accomplish this. But what about coloring? The As Seen On TV product Colorama claims that relieving stress is as simple as that. Whether you’ve seen the Colorama commercial or not I’m here to answer the question, “Is it really that simple?”

I received my Colorama coloring book and waited until I had adequate time to really spend some time with it. Luckily I had a trip planned where I would be spending about an hour on a train. Upon finding my seat I sat down, put in my headphones, and (sheepishly) took out my Colorama book. I admit it felt a little awkward. I mean, how often do you see an adult coloring? But I kept my head down and focused on the task at hand. When I next broke my stare from the Colorama coloring pages I was pleased to see that I had arrived at my destination! I was so engaged in the detailed coloring that I completely lost track of time. And much to the claims of the Colorama advertising I did feel pretty stress free. I finished my picture on the return trip (although it didn’t take me the whole time) and not only did the time fly by and I felt in a calmer state, but I actually had a great looking picture to show off my efforts. So as silly as it may sound I fully enjoyed my coloring book and would recommend this as a great stress relieving activity. Following is all you need to know about this product. You can also check out hands-on Colorama coloring book reviews like this video on YouTube.

What is the Colorama?

This product is advertised as an adult coloring book. It has 100 pages of very complex and intricate designs that are meant to take a lot of time and focus to complete. Because there is so much attention to detail it draws you in and let you lose yourself in the process. For this reason it claims to be a stress relieving coloring book. It’s really as simple as that. And while it is not exclusive to adults, children might not be patient or skilled enough to take on some of the more difficult designs.

The Colorama has acid-free paper that is perforated so that the pictures both look good and can easily be removed if you would like to save or share them. Each order includes the Colorama book, a second smaller pocket-sized version, and a pack of 6 double-sided colored pencils (that’s 12 colors).

Things to Consider Before Buying the Colorama

  • While the price may seem high for essentially just a coloring book, you have to consider that these pictures do take some time. Remember that there are 100 pages (and the difficulty of the designs increase towards the end of the book) so you really will get your money’s worth.
  • The problem with being an adult is… finding time to do anything! And these pictures do take time. If you’re looking to kill 15-20 minutes here and there this is a good solution as well.
  • If you really put the effort in to make a great picture it can be surprisingly rewarding. If you don’t feel stress free when you’re done you can at least feel happy with the art you made.

Where to Buy the Colorama

This product can be found at different discount retail stores or on the Colorama official website, which offers a 30-day money back guarantee. The price is $12.99 (plus $6.99 S&H) and includes an additional pocket-sized coloring book and 6 dual color colored pencils.

The Final Word on the Colorama

As I stated earlier I was surprised at how much I enjoyed using the coloring book. I think that it is a great way to kill some time, feel good about yourself, and as the product claims, to relieve stress. It may seem strange to color again (something I haven’t done since… I don’t know when!), but it really is the simple things that can be satisfying. I definitely recommend this, especially for people who travel or even for artistic-minded adolescents.


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