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About a year ago I decided to do something about my hairloss and called Elite Hair. I researched hair restoration and the procedure that is used by Elite Hair Doctors turned out to be one of the best options that you can choose from. After reading Elite Hair Doctors reviews I set up a no-obligation consultation. It has now been 4 months since my procedure. While my new hair growth is still in the fledgling stages (it takes a year to see full results) everything is progressing just as my doctor said it would. So far I have no reservations in recommending Elite Hair Doctors to anyone.

What is Elite Hair?

Elite Hair Doctors is an organization of experienced specialists in the hair restoration industry, and they use the latest hair transplant technology available. Think of Elite Hair as a network of professionals that shares new information and techniques. When you meet with one doctor you have the assurance that he or she has the backing of the entire Elite Hair network.

The technology that Elite Hair Doctors use is called the ARTAS system. This is a robotic system that harvests the most viable hair transplants and produces healthy grafts with minimal invasiveness in order to deliver the most natural looking appearance. The use of such technology increases hair transplant cost as the ARTAS system is currently one of the best advancements in hair restoration. Be ready to pay upwards of around $10,000.

And this is why Elite Hair Doctors cost so much. While they are not the only hair technicians using the ARTAS system, Elite Hair Doctors are highly proficient in using the technology. The network of doctors confer with one another in order to ensure that all Elite Hair Doctors deliver a high quality and consistent procedure.

What You Need to Know About Elite Hair

Elite HairIt is painful, make no doubt. But the pain is not excruciating my any means. I would compare it to having a really bad sunburn. As long as you don’t touch it you’re ok. You won’t be able to take a shower (or at least let the water hit your head) for about a week. After that you will still be tender and have some sore spots, but the pain will be much more bearable.  Maintenance of the donor areas can be irksome. My doctor recommended that I rub olive oil on my scalp about a half an hour prior to showering. Sleeping can also be uncomfortable. My head would feel irritated when it rubbed up against the pillow. I was constantly moving around trying to get comfortable. This lasted for about 3 months.

Be sure to follow all of the instructions provided by your doctor to ensure that the procedure is as successful as possible. Along with the olive oil treatments 3-4 times a week my doctor also had me apply Rogaine to the donor areas and take a vitamin supplement containing Biotin, or vitamin H. It may seem strange using hair growth products after having such an expensive hair restoration procedure, but like my doctor told me, it can only help not hurt.

Where to Sign Up for Elite Hair

Go to the Elite Hair website to sign up for a free consultation. This is a zero obligation meeting. Your doctor will let you know what your best treatment options are, what your expectations should be, and what price you can expect to pay.

Is Elite Hair Right for You?

Living in Jacksonville I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to have my procedure done at the Anderson Hair Sciences Center. I actually met with Dr. Anderson and he was also the doctor who performed my procedure. The staff was professional, courteous, and helped me every step of the way. When I had questions post-op they were always prompt in their response. Be sure to do plenty of research before committing to a doctor. You should feel 100% comfortable and confident with your physician. If not keep looking. Other doctors outside of the Elite Hair Doctors network are reputable and also use the ARTAS system, but Elite Hair gives you some piece of mind knowing that their doctors are more than proficient in their craft.


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