Fabriclear Review

Using Fabriclear to Kill Bedbugs

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Bed bugs have become a nasty reality for many people around the country, and getting rid of them can be a timely and costly hassle. The new product Fabriclear from www.fabriclear.com is one of the only solutions available that claims to be cheap, quick and effective. Used regularly, it claims to kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. But how well does this seemingly innovative solution really work?

PROS:FabriClear Bottle

– Kills bed bugs, larvae, eggs and dust mites on contact
– Cheaper than alternative bed bug exterminators
– Works quickly
– Available in multiple sizes
– Non-toxic to humans
– Made in the USA


– Must be used regularly to be completely effective

Fabriclear: What Is It?

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Fabriclear is a new type of bed bug spray that can kill bed bugs, larvae, eggs and dust mites on contact. Bed bugs feed off of blood, meaning they will bite and subsequently feed off of humans. These bites can cause health problems like rashes, so killing bed bugs quickly is very important. Fabriclear, made in the USA, uses a unique spray solution that penetrates deep into mattresses, bedding and blankets to kill bed bugs quickly and easily. Through repeated use of the spray solution, users can rid any bed bug infestation for good without resorting to expensive exterminators. While the spray is deadly to bed bugs and their ilk, it is completely non-toxic and safe for humans to use without incident.

The product comes in two different sizes so that you have a spray to use both at home and on the go. Every order includes one 16oz bottle and one 2oz bottle of Fabriclear, both utilizing a handy spray nozzle. The 16oz bottle is perfect for use at home, while the 2oz “travel size” bottle can be used when on vacation or staying in a hotel. Since you can never guarantee how clean your hotel room will be, having a travel size bottle of this bed bug spray is definitely something that will come in handy. Every order also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee that ensures the product will rid your bed of nasty bed bugs.

How Well Does It Work?

When it comes to something like pest extermination, there isn’t really any gray area in terms of effectiveness. A product either kills the pests or it doesn’t, and thankfully Fabriclear lives up to its promises of ridding your bedding of bed bugs, dust mites, larvae and eggs. Over the course of multiple treatments, you’ll quickly find your bed free of bugs that can cause nasty bites and irritating rashes. Since the spray solution goes deep into the fabric where bed bugs hide, this product can easily and effectively rid your home of even the most stubborn bed bug infestations. And since its non-toxic, you won’t have waste any time getting back into your comfortable bed after treatment.

In terms of cost, using Fabriclear to exterminate the pests in your home is probably the cheapest solution you’ll ever find. Without this product, the only way you’d be able to truly rid your home of bed bugs would be to hire a professional exterminator service. Not only are these exterminators costly to hire, they take significantly more time to rid your home of bed bugs and dust mites. By using this spray instead, you can quickly and easily take care of any infestation problem yourself without strangers commandeering your home. This product also offers to refund your money in case you’re not satisfied; something that few exterminators would be willing to do.

Fabriclear also offers peace of mind when it comes to travelling. Since each order includes a convenient travel size bottle of the solution, you’ll never have to worry about your next hotel room being a haven for bed bugs. Even if you can’t see any bed bugs, giving your hotel bed a once over with this spray will give you much needed peace of mind in knowing that any bugs that may have been hiding in your hotel bedding were killed on contact. It won’t solve all of the potential health issues that come with sleeping in a hotel bed, but at least you know you won’t wake up covered in bed bug bites.

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Potential Downsides

There isn’t any doubt that Fabriclear is a very useful product when it comes to killing bed bugs, but there are some possible issues that potential customers may want to be aware of before buying. The main issue that some customers may have with the product is that it likely won’t kill every bed bug with just one spray. Due to the burrowing nature of bed bug, a big infestation will likely require regular treatments with the spray before every bed bug is eradicated. The included 16oz bottle is more than enough to handle several treatments, however, so this isn’t really much of a problem.


Is It Right For You?

If you find yourself with a big bed bug problem, buying a bottle of Fabriclear should undoubtedly be your first course of action. It works quickly and it’s much cheaper than hiring an exterminator. It’s also a lot safer than an exterminator, considering the fact that Fabriclear is completely non-toxic. Even though it will likely take several treatments to completely rid your bed of these nasty parasites, the fact that the product is so easy to use means you won’t be inconvenienced at all. Even if you don’t currently have bed bugs, it’s a good idea to buy a bottle of the product now just in case of an infestation. With a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, you really don’t have anything to lose by giving it a try.


  1. Emmaanuel Winder says:

    Well first and for most the company that makes fabriclear needs to make a five gallon jug.So people can use it when they needto use it your product is good but its not enough to use it more than once.I dont have bed bugs but i use it so i wont get them.Its so many people have company and they need a good product so they wont get bed bugs cause to tell you the truth i like to spray it around my whole appartment because i have kids and i dont want them to get bitten by those nasty bedbugs.I would be so greatful if you would make a five gallon jug so i wont have to keep on runing back in fourth to the store just to buy your product.So if you can trully think about meking a five gallon jug i would be so greatful.

    • Graded Reviews says:

      Emmaanuel, that’s an awesome suggestion. You should email the manufacturer and suggest it!

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