Can the Five Second Fix Really Fix Anything?

Things happen. Stuff breaks. It’s the way of the world. For those everyday fixes I have a normal super glue tube that sits in my tool cabinet and bottle of Gorilla glue that sits next to that. They both work okay, but I hate using them. The super glue stinks, and I seem to get it all over my hands every time. The Gorilla glue comes in a large applicator and I can never be very precise with it, especially with small repairs. That’s why the 5 Second Fix As Seen On Tv ad piqued my interest. The 5 Second Fix commercial (below) shows a glue that is easy to use, doesn’t make a mess, and can fix practically anything. I decided to give the five second fix a try.

Can the Five Second Fix Really Fix Anything?

Unfortunately, my Five Second Fix repair kit took much longer to receive than I anticipated. I ordered it in the summer and it just arrived a week ago. It took about 8 weeks, which isn’t terrible but I would’ve liked to have had it sooner. Oh well. I looked online at other user comments and I saw that this is a common occurrence. Apparently the supply simply couldn’t keep up with the demand. So for the past few weeks I’ve amassed a collection of things that I needed to repair. Once I received my order I immediately put the product to the test. I haven’t seen many other 5 Second Review articles, but I’m happy to say in this one that it works for me! I recommend the Five Second Fix to anyone. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this As Seen On Tv product.

What is the Five Second Fix?

The 5 Second Fix adhesive is not a glue. It is advertised as a plastic welding kit. Each kit arrives with an applicator that is about the size of a marker. One end distributes the liquid glass block sealer and the other end has a UV light attached to it. The liquid sealer does not harden until it is cured, or “welded” by the UV light. This means that you can position your repair perfectly before the sealer actually bonds the two pieces together. Five Second Fix dries clearly so that you can apply it to anything without it looking unsightly. The bond is also flexible allowing you to use it to repair anything from a broken vase to a ripped shoe.

Things to Keep in Mind When Thinking of Buying the Five Second Fix

  • There is no risk involved. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee (minus S&H). If you aren’t satisfied, call their customer service department at (844) 239-0488 for a return authorization number.
  • Because of the design of the applicator it is easy to apply the sealer exactly where you want it. It’s exceptionally clean and easy to use.
  • Very little smell. If there is one thing that I hate about super glue it is the smell. There is a faint odor to the Five Second Fix but it is not overly offensive.
  • Buy one, get one free. Each applicator comes with its own carrying case as well so you don’t have to worry about damaging it.
  • Because it’s clear you can apply it to anything. The finish may be a little rough but it can easily be sanded down and painted over for a perfect fix.
  • The price is a little high. But, the product should last a while considering how the manufacturers include two applicators.
  • Supplies do seem to be limited as of the time of this writing. Your shipment might take a while to arrive.

Where to Buy the Five Second Fix

You can either call their toll-free number 1-800-586-3024, or visit the website. Each order is $19.99 and the Shipping & Handling is free. As stated earlier you get two Five Second Fix applicators and two carrying cases.

The Final Word on the Five Second Fix

As you can tell I am more than pleased by my Five Second Fix purchase. I was a little concerned with the price but since I got two applicators it didn’t bother me as much. I don’t know if you really can pull an automobile using the product the way they show on their commercial. Every repair that I made so far turned out great. It really does work as advertised. I recommend this product for every household.

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  1. Is this kit a one time applicator repair kit or does it have mulitple repair usuage?

  2. Can this be used on a ‘small’ leak… about 1 drop every 1.5 seconds?

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