Flex Seal Review

Flex Seal: What We’ve All Been Waiting For

Flex Seal Review

There are probably quite a few things around your home that leak. Gutters, decorative items, flowers pots or vases are all prone to cracks, holes and leaks that can lead to ineffectiveness or even further damage. Flex Seal, available via our Order Now banners, has proven itself to be a valuable tool in fighting back against leaks, and the introduction of new Flex Seal Brite warrants another look at this leak-sealing spray.

– Completely water and weatherproof
– Resistant to both flames and freezing
– Comes in two different colors
– Long-lasting durability
– Sprays on easily with little to no mess

– May have to use multiple applications
– Can run out fairly quickly

What is it?

Flex Seal is a spray-on rubber solution that goes on cracks and holes as a liquid, but quickly dries to form a durable seal. Since the sealant sprays on, it can be used to quickly treat a large surface area with little to no mess. As a liquid, the rubber spray can seep into cracks and holes to stop leaks at the source. This also means that it can conform to nearly any shape while still providing a durable, waterproof seal. In about 24 hours, the product will fully dry allowing you to paint over the repair or simply begin using the affected item again.

Using the product is also very simple thanks to the fact that is comes in a spray canister. In a warm area, the user simply depresses the trigger to coat the affected area with the rubber spray. For larger holes, several applications should be used. It is also recommended that the area just around the crack or hole should also be coated as well to ensure a good seal. The basic spray will dry in a dull black color, while the new Brite variety provides users with an easier to paint white coating.

Flex Seal Review

Benefits and Uses

Obviously the biggest benefit of Flex Seal is that it can be used to provide an unparalleled seal on nearly any cracked, damaged or leak-ridden surface. It can be applied practically universally to all types of materials including concrete, rubber, porcelain, most metals and even wood. It can even be applied to wet surfaces, though a dry and clean surface will deliver the best results. Unlike other sealants, the rubber-spray in this product digs in deep inside the cracks as a liquid but hardens as a flexible solid. This guarantees that no water or other liquid can escape.

Durability is another area in which Flex Seal really shines. Not only will the coating in the product protect against leaks for many years, it is also resistant to all kinds of additional damage. Freezing, extreme heat, water, inclement weather and even fire are resisted by the tough rubber coating. While it isn’t recommended to place the seal under extreme pressure, it does work quite effectively under normal water pressure as well. And since the coating can be safely painted without affecting the product’s usefulness, you won’t have to worry about your seal leaving an ugly mark on an otherwise pristine decorative item like a vase.

Newest Product in the Line

In addition to the standard spray, a new product is now available called Flex Seal Brite. Overall, the product is exactly the same in terms of usefulness and durability but with one important exception. Instead of applying as a dark black seal, the Brite variety of the product dries as a white coating. The most useful aspect of this new color is that it makes painting over the seal much easier. Whereas black can require a few coats of paint to cover properly, a white seal can be painted over without any trouble. It also makes the seal significantly more resistant to heat caused by direct sunlight, which allows the affected surface to stay cool.

Issues and Concerns

Flex Seal is a truly effective tool, but there are some areas that should be addressed before using the product. As with any tool, it should be used with extreme care. This means keeping the nozzle clear after each use, not using it to seal areas subject to combustion and not using it where it may come into contact with drinking water. None of these things are really problems with the product, but they are guidelines you should be aware of before using it to seal your leaks. That said, the product is extremely safe and can be used by almost anyone.

Deals and Special Offers

Finding a good price on Flex Seal is one area in which you’ll definitely want a little guidance. Since it isn’t readily available in most stores and since it sells out fairly quickly, just finding the product can be a task. Thankfully, we have what seems to be the best deal  currently possible. Right now, they are offering a buy one, get one free deal for the spray. The Brite variety even comes with a bonus offer where the throw in a sprayer nozzle as well. These deals may not always be offered, though, so you may want to act quickly.


There isn’t much else that can be said about Flex Seal that hasn’t already been covered in the rest of the review, so it’s probably easiest just to say that it truly is a great product that does exactly what it claims to do. If you find yourself frequently needing to repair leaks, having a can or three of this spray ready is practically a life-saver. It’s affordable, works well and is easy to use. With attributes like that, there isn’t any reason not to buy it. Click the links above to get the best deal from our Flex Seal Review!



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