Flipeez Review

FlipeezIn the cold season, many parents often find it challenging to determine their kids to wear hats, in order to ward off colds. Kids complain that hats are unsightly and the situation doesn’t get any less complicated as said children age and turn into picky teenagers. Flipeez, As Seen on TV fun animal-shaped hats promise to address this situation and keep kids warm and safe throughout winter, by being a hat that they will instantly love. Our Flipeez review investigates how much children actually love these animal hats, but also how well they are produced.


–          Kids love it and are especially fond of making the animals move.

–          Products are usually a good fit and are properly sized.


–          Some users report the pump disconnecting and breaking.

–          Some users report poor stitching on the items they purchased.

Flipeez: What Are They?flipeez-review02

In a nutshell, Flipeez are animal hats for kids and teenagers. Several models in lively colors are available, including a cat, a puppy, a bunny, a teddy bear and a monster of sorts. The hats are imported and come in a one-size fits all dimension, which is 9 by 15 inches. They are made of acrylic knit and also doubled with fleece lining, which helps keep the kids warm in the colder seasons. They are sold by the same company that distributes Stompeez, the popular brand of children’s slippers. The most appealing aspect about Flipeez is that they keep the kids’ heads warm in a fun way. Each hat has a pumping mechanism attached to the tassel, which makes the animal on top come to life: they spread their paws or wings, wag their tail and generally become animated. The seller says they’re popular with kids of all ages.

How Well Do Flipeez Work?

We found more than just a single Flipeez review online which says the kids adore Flipeez. Yes, the fact that they’re reasonably cute and come in a lot of funky colors makes them all the more popular with kids. They are also warm and the dimensions are true-to-size: one mother says she can even fit her kid’s hat on her own head. However, many warn against the quality of the pump which brings the animal on top of the hat to life. See our explanation below, discussed in the drawbacks section.

Potential Drawbacks

According to more than just one Flipeez review available online, children who wear these hats have to be warned not to pull on the bottom part of the pump (i.e. the balloon shaped part). Many have reported that this part of the pump will come undone and disconnect from the rest of the mechanism that brings the animals to life. When disconnected, it is difficult to put the mechanism of the pump back together, since its plastic elements need to be reconnected in the blind. Also, some purchasers of these items have reported that the stitching on the hats is poorly done. They claim it is visible, unsightly, and will come apart in most cases and recommend securing it before giving it to children to wear.

flipeez-review03Are Flipeez Good for You?

The verdict of our Flipeez review is that quality build is not the strong suit of this product. However, it’s probably safe to assume that if a child wants it, he or she will beg for the product with enough persistence for a parent to buy it for them. Since the hat is not exactly the most affordable item on the market in its class, buyers should consider themselves forewarned of all the above potential drawbacks and decide to purchase Flipeez ‘at their own risk’.

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