Millions Are Happy With Their Go Belt – Find Out Why You Will Be Too!

Have you ever been enjoying a wonderful vacation only to have someone pickpocket and steal your money, credit cards, or other valuables? Have you wished you have some sort of product that would keep your valuable items safe as you shop or travel? If so, the Go Belt may be the perfect solution for you!

The product clips around your waist and allows you to carry your cell phone, credit card, passport, and more without having to use your arms or your hands! Most Go Belt reviews from Amazon customers are extremely positive. This belt really does what it claims to do in a comfortable and discreet manner. You can store your credit cards, mobile phone, cash, and more in zippered pockets built into this belt.


  • The belt is adjustable and can fit waist sizes up to 50”
  • The belt comes in blue and grey
  • The belt can be used over and over again and is made of a stretchy durable material
  • You can wear this belt over clothing or discreetly under your clothing
  • The belt is very comfortable to wear around your waist
  • It is a good, hands-free alternative to a purse or bag
  • Adults and older children can wear this useful belt
  • The belt has two zippered pockets where you can store a mobile phone, cash, credit card, passport, and so much more
  • The reflective stripe on the belt is useful if you wear it over your clothing at night because it makes you more visible
  • The belt does not cause bulges or lumps under your clothing even with items in the pockets


  • This belt was too small or too tight for some customers who had waists that were 50” or larger. As a result, the belt did not work out for every customer
  • Some customers received belts that had broken zippers
  • A few customers felt that the Go Belt was not going to be sturdy or durable enough to hold all their items
  • The belt currently only comes in two colors

Go Belt: What is it?

The Go Belt as seen on TV is a durable belt that can be worn to hold your most important items while you shop, work around the house or in your yard, travel, and more. In order to use it, all you have to do is adjust it to fit around your waist and snap it on. Then, you can store your mobile phone, passport, cash, and other items in the zippered pockets in the belt.

This thin trim belt is a really great investment. It is especially useful for those who travel often or just like having their hands free when shopping. Wearing this belt allows you to leave your bag, pouch, or wallet at home.

For the price and the durability of this product, the belt is a worthwhile product to own. It is a modern-day version of the fanny packs that used to be so famous. It is a lightweight, stretchy material made for convenience, and it possesses two expandable slots that are useful for carrying the items that you need.

Go Belt Benefits

Go Belt assures that any user who wears it will feel comfortable. It is not only lightweight but extra-stretchy too. The material makes it perfect for fitting on various waist sizes. Go Belt has two different zipper pockets of varying size for carrying smaller items like cash, earphones, keys, candies, etc. and a bigger one for your passport, cell phone, torch, utility knife, etc. The capability to carry so many items does make Go Belt an excellent product to have; user reviews will soon expose the facts. Go Belt demonstrates to be so discreet in design that it fits right under the clothes without showing up in your pants. Its easy-to-hide feature is one of the top benefits.

How Well Does The Go Belt Work?

This stretchable belt works extremely well! Many Amazon customers were extremely satisfied with their purchase of a belt. The belt stretches to accommodate most waist sizes while fitting comfortably under clothing or over. The material is high-quality and durable. This means, you can use it over and over again and it will hold up. The strong zippers will keep your important items exactly where you want them. This belt works like a small, compact purse or bag minus the bulk. Plus, your hands and arms remain free while you do whatever you need to do. This means no stress or strain on your shoulders or painful marks on your arm from the weight or rubbing of a heavy purse. The belt can also be used as a reflector when you are out jogging or walking at night due to the reflective strip on the outside of the belt.

Potential Drawbacks

One of the only drawbacks of this product is that it only comes in one size, so there are no other options for people to choose from. As a result, this product does not comfortably fit every potential customer. The only consistent complaint about the belt is that it does not adjust to fit people who have waists that are 50” or larger. However, nearly every customer who could comfortably wear this belt gave it a positive review. If your waist measures less than 50”, you will likely find this product to be both comfortable and useful. Another potential drawback is that the belt currently only comes in two colors. Go Belt

Is the Go Belt A Good Product for You?

Based on many Amazon customer reviews and our own experience with the product, we would highly recommend the product. For $9.99, you can get a Go Belt in blue or grey. You do have to pay the cost of shipping unless you order other items along with the belt thus giving you free shipping. The product does exactly what it claims to do. The only drawback is that the belt only fits waists up to 50” and does not adjust to fit comfortably beyond that. The belt currently only comes in one size. Overall, it is a good investment especially if you travel often or like having your hands free as you work around your home or while you shop. We give the Go Belt an A-.

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