Is the Lazer Bond the Ultimate Fixing Tool or Junk?

Lazer Bond is a repair product that uses a liquid plastic which hardens when it comes into contact with a UV light. This is not the first or only one of its kind. There are other alternatives for a plastic welding kit that can be found on Amazon, such as the Bondic which also uses a UV glue or more traditional plastic welders like this one from Portasol that use a hot iron. I’ve seen some negative Lazer Bond Glue reviews so I was a little deterred from making the purchase. Luckily I found one in my local Bed Bath & Beyond store, so for just a small amount of money, I decided it was worth trying out. What I discovered is that it’s just your typical super glue with a UV light. It has some benefits and I actually enjoy the product. Read on for more information about this product.

What is the Lazer Bond?

The Lazer Bond is an applicator containing a plastic gel that can be used as an adhesive or bonding agent. The applicator also has a battery operated UV light that reacts with the non-solid plastic and makes it harden. It is meant to be used on practically any surface, create a watertight/airtight seal,  and hold up to 350 pounds.

How Does Lazer Bond Work?

Lazer Bond shows to be a light-activated resin that hardens when exposed to a particular wavelength of light. It is an idea that has been developed since the 1960s and was initially used in printing, electronics, and even at a dental office to coat or merge things without the use of regular epoxies. The benefits are that it does not harden until you want or need it to, offers easier cleanup, works and repairs instantly on wet and dry surfaces.

Laser Bond comes in a small tube and includes a cap with a UV light. To utilize the amazing adhesive, squeeze a little of the liquid on any material you like to repair or seal. Then, pull out and turn on the attached UV light and focus it on the surface you applied the adhesive, 3 seconds later the Laser Bond will almost instantly harden into solid rock and provides a permanent bond between nearly any two surfaces.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Lazer Bond

Here is a rundown of the main perks for the Lazer Bond:

  • It’s really easy to apply the Lazer Bond liquid resin at the precise point of application where it is needed due to the design of the applicator.
  • It’s simple to keep the mess to a minimum. Any excess UV sealer can be removed before it hardens with the UV light. Unlike other adhesives, it is not sticky at all and can be wiped away for a clean finish. 
  • The cure time for the product’s liquid to harden is minimal. Everything I glued was good almost immediately.
  • If you order from the official manufacturer’s website, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with it return it for any reason. You will not, however, receive reimbursement for any shipping and handling charges you may have paid.
  • It works. I’m not so sure that I would trust it to hold 300 plus pounds as it claims in the commercial, but for the simple everyday fixes that you have around your home, the product is a good solution.

Where to Buy the Lazer Bond

If you think that you would like to try the Lazer Bond where to buy it is the next thing to consider. You can check Lazer Bond’s current price and purchase it on Amazon.

As I said before I was able to purchase mine at my local Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I also found some listed for sale online at (but then you have to pay shipping and handling).

Here’s the Final Word on the Lazer Bond

I’ve been satisfied with my purchase of Lazer Bond. It is easy to use, it does what it says, and it makes for a quick fix. I’ve had zero issues. I haven’t used the product on anything that gets submerged in water or gets run through the dishwasher so I can’t speak on how it performs under those conditions. But for everything that I’ve needed it for it’s worked fine.

The most impressive fix that I made using this product was my vehicle’s side-view mirror. I’ve been wanting a small blind spot mirror, so I bought one at my local auto parts store, applied the product to it, and attached it to the corner of my existing mirror. It’s been two weeks that’s included a couple of rainy days and cold nights, and the mirror is still holding.

Hopefully, you don’t have any issues with the delivery of the product, but other than that I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with your LB purchase.


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