Should the Lock Wallet Replace Your Old Standard Wallet

If you’ve ever been the victim of identity theft or credit card fraud you know how frustrating it is. Recently I noticed that fraudulent charges had been made on my credit card. Luckily I was able to get my money back but it was a hassle. I had to call the credit card company, explain what happened, get a new card, and change my online passwords. I wish that I had used a product like the Lock Wallet before. Maybe then the charges wouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

Ever since I’ve been very cautious as to how I use my credit card and what kind of online shopping I engage in. So when I saw the Lock Wallet As Seen On Tv commercial I learned that there is another way for identity thieves to steal my information that I wasn’t even aware of. Apparently, the new smart card chips can be read using skimming devices even when they are in your wallet or purse. But with the Lock Wallet RFID blocking material skimmers can’t read your smart card. Since I wanted to keep my information safe at all costs, this wallet seems like a worthwhile investment.

What is the Lock Wallet?

The Lock Wallet is an RFID blocking wallet that is meant to be an alternative to the larger and bulkier traditional wallet. Credit cards are moving from the magnetic stripe to chip-enabled smart-cards to add security. The one downfall is that the chip uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that can potentially leave it open for identity thieves using skimmer equipment to steal your credit card information. The wallet uses material that acts as a built-in RFID protection barrier so that you don’t have to worry about thieves skimming your personal information. The stylish and compact design allows you to hold as many as 36 credit cards, ID’s, and has a pocket for cash all at a reasonable price. The well-constructed wallet can do everything your old wallet can plus give you that added bit of protection for your peace of mind.

Things to Think About Before Buying the Lock Wallet

Here are a few of the best perks for the Lock Wallet:

  • This product is affordable. If you look at other comparable RFID wallet offers on Amazon you will see many products cost more. For example, the Columbia Beacon Rock RFID Wallet, though nice, the cost is higher.
    The Lock Wallet is affordable which is nice. If you order on their official website, you can get a second wallet for free. 
  • The product is compact. The dimensions are 4.5″ long by 3.25″ wide. So, it should fit easily in your pocket or handbag.
  • The leather-like material aides in the well-constructed design.
  • RFID blocking material blocks skimming devices from reading your credit cards.
  • Has a zipper closure that will keep the contents of your wallet from falling out should you drop it.

Where to Buy the Lock Wallet

If you’re like me and seem to buy everything on Amazon be sure to check the Lock Wallet price on there. 

The Final Word on the Lock Wallet

After trying out this product for a few weeks I have nothing but good things to say in my Lock Wallet review. The Lock Wallet does everything that my old wallet could do plus it gives me that added protection against RFID theft. The compact size and affordable price is the best part. I didn’t go for the second wallet offer when I ordered mine because I didn’t want to pay the additional shipping and handling, but if I were going to order this product again I would absolutely get the second wallet. It would make an excellent gift. So if you’ve grown tired of your big, bulky wallet and would like a little-added protection from the ever-expanding list of identity theft tactics to give this product a try.


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