MyPillow Review

One of the biggest concerns that many people have in their life is getting a good night’s sleep. While it’s easy for some, many more toss and turn at night due to sweating, discomfort and any number of other reasons. A product called MyPillow is now available that aims to make sleep problems a thing of the past, but is it really significantly different from other pillows?

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  • Unique interlocking three fill design
  • Doesn’t lose shape during the night
  • Adjusts to your head shape
  • May help relieve some health problems


  • No pillow case included
  • Not sold in stores

What is MyPillow?

Unlike regular pillows, the MyPillow is designed to provide customized support for the neck and head, allowing users to get a deep, relaxing sleep. Each pillow is filled with three different sizes of fill that allow the pillow to be adjusted to a user’s unique head shape or their own comfort level. After being adjusted, these three types of fill interlock to provide support while preventing the pillow from flattening out. This eliminates the problem of waking up suddenly to fluff your pillow.

The unique design of MyPillow also means that it eliminates several other common sleeping problems. Each pillow is designed to allow cool air to circulate throughout which, unlike most pillows, keeps the face and head cool. Additional support provided by the pillow may also alleviate issues that arrive from pinched nerves and unsupported vertebrae.

Along with being made completely in the USA, MyPillow is also host to various other quality guarantees. It is made from non-allergenic and antimicrobial materials that allow it to be used by almost anyone. Additionally, the materials used mean that the pillow is completely machine-washable and dryable. A 10 year warranty is included with every purchase that helps cover problems that may arise as well. Lastly, any customer purchasing the pillow is given a 60-day money back guarantee that allows you to try the pillow to ensure that it is right for you.

Features and Benefits

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the foremost benefit of the MyPillow is simply because all of its features work together to provide an unprecedented quality sleep experience. Most of this is thanks to the support provided from the interlocking pieces of fill. While a feather or even buckwheat filled pillow can go flat and lose its shape, the clever design of this pillow means that your neck and head are always perfectly supported. With this support, you will almost never wake up having to fluff or readjust your pillow. This also means you won’t wake up with pinched nerves in your neck or an unpleasant feeling in your back from lack of spinal support.

MyPillow can also lead to relief from a wide variety of problems associated with certain illnesses. Customers have reported relief from snoring, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea and even migraines after using the pillow. While these claims aren’t medically proven, there are reasons to suspect that these reported benefits stem from the way in which the spine and nerves are better supported by the pillow. This is all in addition to the obvious benefits that a better night’s sleep can give you, like higher productivity, better alertness and an overall clearer head.

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Lastly, it is worth noting that one of the biggest complaints that some sleepers have is that they cannot find a pillow that stays cool during the night. Since the pillow doesn’t stay cool, many sleepers find themselves waking up feeling sweaty in the middle of the night. Due to the way that the fill in MyPillow has been designed, optimal air flow is possible which leads to a much cooler pillow overall. This also means that the user can stay cooler during the night as well, leading to an overall higher quality of sleep.

Issues and Concerns

While there are many things to like about MyPillow, there are a few places where some additional attention would have been welcomed. The first is the minor issue that the pillow does not seem to come with a pillow case. This isn’t a big deal since most people like to use their own cases anyway, but it is worth knowing before purchasing. Another area that a small number of you may be concerned with is that the item isn’t available in retail stores. Again, this isn’t more than a minor inconvenience since the official site sells them with relatively inexpensive shipping, but it is worth noting.

Sizes Available

One thing that hasn’t been touched upon yet in this review is the fact that this product is available in several different sizes. In addition to a standard/queen size, a larger king size styled pillow can be purchased. Similarly, a child’s size version is available for smaller heads. Known as MyFirst Pillow, this pillow is roughly one-third the size of a standard pillow. For travelling, a travel size pillow is available that includes a strap for attaching to the backs of car or airplane seats.

In addition to these standard types of pillows, another set of specialty pillows are available with all the same benefits of the standard MyPillow. First off is a body pillow that can be used to provide comfort to the full-length of your body. For those sitting down in a desk chair all day, a bolster pillow is available to purchase that can provide lumbar support to help prevent back pain. The last item offered is a mattress topper that is designed to provide comfort no matter where you sleep on the bed.


There is no doubt that the MyPillow is a great product with very few flaws. While comfort is certainly subjective, it is hard to imagine the most people wouldn’t be impressed with the support and comfort that this pillow offers. If you have problems sleeping, you would be remiss to not at least give this product a try. And since it has a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.