Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker Review

Making Delicious Pancakes with the Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker

Making restaurant-quality pancakes is no easy task. For starters, pancakes are notoriously hard to cook perfectly without burning or undercooking. Secondly, flipping pancakes can be difficult to do without breaking the pancake and making a huge mess. The Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker from aims to alleviate both of these issues by providing a non-stick pan that makes flipping a breeze. But does it deserve a place in your kitchen?


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Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker ReviewPROS:

– Special Orgreenic non-stick coating
– Double-sided locking pan for easy flapjack flipping
– Works great for pancakes, eggs, sandwiches and more
– Includes recipe guide and batter pitcher
– No dripping or messes when flipping
– Cleans easily


– Some cooking experience still required

The Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker: What Is It?

The Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker is a specially-designed, double-sided locking pan that is designed to make cooking, flipping and serving pancakes extremely easy. Whereas a standard pan is open, the Flip Jack is actually two pans that are hinged together so that the pan can close. When the pan is closed, the food inside is entirely encompassed and locked in tight. This means that batter and other liquids can’t escape. This double-sided design allows you to cook both sides of your pancake, egg or sandwich with just a flip of your wrist. This eliminates the need for spatulas and the worry of destroying your perfect pancake while you try to flip it.

In addition to its unique double-sided design, the Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker is equipped with the specially-formulated Orgreenic non-stick coating. This unique coating covers both pans and is unlike any other non-stick coating on the market. In addition to its one-of-a-kind green appearance, this coating stands out by being extremely slick. Even burnt-on foods like cheese can be wiped away with ease. This also makes the pan great for healthy cooking as it means you won’t have to add calories by using butter, grease or oil. It even means that you’ll be able to clean up the pan much faster since no scrubbing off stuck-on food is required.

Every order of the Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker comes with a nice set of bonuses. In addition to the pan itself, an easy-pour batter pitcher is also included. This pitcher is designed specifically for pouring in pancake batter without big messes or spills. Also included is a handy recipe guide that includes multiple recipes for creating delicious pancakes. These recipes range from the basic to the complex and cover a wide range of tastes. In addition to these extras, each order is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee that insures your satisfaction with the product.


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How Well Does It Work?

With its incredible double-sided design, the Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker is almost certainly one of the best pancake-making options out there. Anyone who has made pancakes is almost certainly familiar with the trouble that comes with trying to flip pancakes. Since cooking pancakes on a normal pan requires you to cook one side at a time, you’re required to try and flip the pancake when it is only half cooked. This can lead to spilled batter, broken pancakes and all kinds of messes. With this product, all of these issues are eliminated. Since the batter is wholly contained in the locked pan, simply flipping your wrist allows you to cook both sides of the pancake without any messy mistakes. When you’re done cooking, the pancake simply slides right out. You don’t even need to use a spatula.

Another fantastic aspect of using the Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker is just how easy it is to clean. In the off-chance that you mistakenly burn cheese or other food on the pan, the unique non-stick coating allows you to simply wipe the mess away without any difficult scrubbing or brushing. A burnt-on mess on a normal pan would sometimes require you to scrub for hours, and in some instances, may even ruin the pan. This non-stick coating also means that you’ll spend less time washing the dishes. Since food particles just wipe away, just a little bit of soap and water will get the pan working like new again.

The Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker is also great for cooking many other healthy dishes. Its ultra-slick coating means that you don’t have to use any kind of butter or oil to prevent food from sticking. By not using these fattening ingredients, you can make dishes that are much healthier for you and your family. The design of the product also makes it great for cooking much more than just pancakes. Eggs, omelets and sandwiches can be cooked quickly and perfectly by using this product. There’s no mess and no need to turn them with a spatula.

Potential Drawbacks

Since it can do everything it claims to do and more, there isn’t much wrong with the Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker. One possible issue that some may have with the product is that it won’t automatically make every dish you cook come out perfectly. You still need some basic cooking knowledge to successfully cook with the product. While it does make cleaning burnt-on messes easier, burning food is still possible with the product. As long as you have some basic cooking skills, however, you’re almost certain to find that this pan is one of the best cooking utensils you’ll ever use.


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Is It Right For You?

If you find yourself constantly frustrated while cooking pancakes or eggs on a normal pan, then the Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake Maker will make a great addition to your kitchen. It eliminates nearly every common problem that a home chef will encounter while using a standard pan. You’ll find yourself making perfect, no-mess dishes that not only taste better but are healthier to eat. And since it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ll know that you can’t go wrong in giving the device a try.