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As far as TV products go, the Snuggie is perhaps one of the most famous. Having debuted several years ago, the product line has diversified and grown significantly over time. A glance at the selection from the official store at shows multiple variations of the product, including items for dogs, kids and adults in a variety of colors and patterns. The brand is bigger than ever, but is this a product really worth owning?


– Available in a variety of styles and colors
– Keeps you warm while leaving your arms free
– Features several styles perfect for dogs
– Newer styles include large pockets
– One size fits most


– Can be cumbersome at times

The Snuggie: What Is It?

The principle behind the Snuggie design is so simple that it is surprising that it hasn’t been thought of before. Essentially, the product is a blanket with sleeves. This allows you to wear the blanket around the house without it slipping off or interfering with your everyday activities. Each wearable blanket is made from soft fleece, and in some cases, comfortable microplush. The adult varieties are mainly one size fits most at 71 inches by 54 inches. Over the years it has become available in several different colors and slighty-modified styles, but the overall look has remained the same. Newer product releases now have pockets sewn on the front as well to allow you to carry objects like remotes, glasses or phones with you around the house.

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Shortly after its introduction, the Snuggie quickly became more than just another TV product; it became a worldwide phenomenon. The product has been featured on multiple shows, movies and more due to its unique design and somewhat kitsch nature. Some have even purchased the product just to have a piece of pop-culture history. All of the media buzz and cult-like following surrounding the product has at times even overshadowed the fact that the product is actually really useful.

Snuggie for KidsSnuggie for Kids

One of the most popular offsets of the brand is the line of blankets designed specifically with kids in mind. At 54 inches by 42 inches, it’s clear that the main difference between the kid varieties and the adult varieties is the size. While the size is small, the core product is the same with each style made of comfortable fleece and sporting two sleeves for ease of use. What really has made the kids varieties a hit, however, are the multiple kid-friendly designs that these blankets sport. In addition to the standard pink and camo color schemes, licensed designs like Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants have made the blankets extremely desirable for young children.

Snuggie for Dogs

After the success of their other product lines, it isn’t much of a surprise that their idea to make wearable blankets for dogs has become a hit among consumers as well. While the core idea and materials are basically the same, nearly every other aspect of this canine product had been tailor-made with pooches in mind. For instance, whereas the other products for adults and kids have been one size fits all, each dog blanket is available in up to four different sizes to accommodate the wildly diverse range of weights between breeds. Each also features a hook and loop fastener so that owners can get the fit exactly right on their particular dog.

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How Well Does It Work?

For some people, the massive amount of buzz and talk about the Snuggie brand has overshadowed the basic fact that the product is ultimately a great idea. Using a normal blanket to keep warm is great until you realize you need to get up from the couch to actually do something. Then you either have the choice of abandoning the blanket and facing the cold or desperately trying to hold the blanket to your body as you walk around. By making the blanket wearable, these issues are no longer present. You can stay warm as you walk around the house and you can even do household chores like cooking and cleaning without issue.

Another big plus for the Snuggie is how lightweight and thin it is while still being able to provide you with unprecedented warmth and comfort. The perfect balance between weight and warmth has been achieved here, which is great since no one wants to lug around an additional five pounds of cloth as they move around the house. In addition to being light and warm, the fleece that makes up the blanket is also very soft to the touch. When these features are combined together, you get a blanket that is perfectly comfortable and warm while still being easily worn.


With a massive variety of styles and colors for kids, adults and dogs, finding a Snuggie that suits you is also extremely easy. There have been several competing wearable blankets over the years, but one big area in which the fail to measure up the original is in their lack of universal appeal. By offering colors and styles ranging from Tie-Dye for dogs to Leopard Microplush for adults, finding the right blanket that fits your personality is easy to do. Likewise, this expansive variety also makes the Snuggie a great gift idea for practically anyone.

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Possible Downsides

While the Snuggie is a very good product, it isn’t without a few areas that could possibly be improved upon. Despite how lightweight it is, the loose-fitting nature of the product does mean that it can get in the way at times. Accidentally getting a sleeve wet while washing your hands isn’t too unlikely, but ultimately this isn’t a huge issue. Some may find fault with the open back design as well, but the product does a nice job of keeping the wearer warm regardless.

Is It Right For You?

While the Snuggie may not be the coolest looking thing you’ll ever wear, it’s undeniable that the product is extremely useful for anyone that has ever gotten chilly in their home. It is easy to dismiss wearing a blanket as silly, but in reality the simple idea of adding sleeves to a blanket is nothing short of ingenious. It likely won’t change your life, but it may just keep you a little bit warmer.

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