Can the Spray Perfect Nail Spray Give A Perfect Manicure?

Have you ever tried to give yourself a manicure only to make a mess all over your nails and fingers? Or have you done a great job painting your nails only to smudge or dent the nail polish before it dried and as a result ruined your manicure? If so, you have to check out Spray Perfect!

This product could not be easier to use! Never again will you have to worry about denting your wet nails or waiting forever for nail polish to dry. This product is ideal for left and right-handed people. All you do is paint a base coat of nail polish and then spray your nails with this product! Today, we are giving you an honest review of the spray paint nail polish product. We will tell you all about the cons and pros that come from using this awesome product.

How to Use Spray Perfect?

There are four essential steps to using Spray Perfect Nail Polish:

  1. Wash both hands and then apply a base coating to your nails and let it dry for a moment
  2. Place your hands on a mat, towel, or any cloth then spray each nail.
  3. Apply a top coat and wait for it to dry
  4. Rinse with soap and water the excess polish from your skin.

When you buy Spray Perfect, the product advertisement does not highlight the point that users must apply a base coat and top coat, this is to enable the process to last more than the popularly advertised minute or less. And one of the best solutions to avoiding Spray Perfect from becoming a complete mess is by utilizing a good sized towel, cloth, mat, or even cardboard lid where you can place your hand while spraying. Imagine a paint sprayer while using a stencil.

One thing to point out is that the base coat and top coat are not optional, as some users may feel compelled to jump ahead to the good part and immediately start spraying. Users who do not apply the base and top coats will prevent the polish from entirely setting, and if there is a missed spot with the base coat, the polish will not stick to that specific spot. So, the base coat and top coat do add time to the procedure but are essential to making Spray Perfect work as advertised.

It may take a few applications to understand how close to keep the can from your nails and how fast to move while spraying the products. Because you will be applying base, polish, and the top coat, and waiting for everything to dry before washing, we strongly suggest doing one hand at a time only. Once you have completely applied your right hand, then this is the only time to proceed on your left.

To make glossier nails, or if the final product seems uneven or waved, try applying another top coat the next time you apply the product. Based on Spray Perfect reviews, it may take time to get used to, but it is amazingly fun and generally works as advertised.


  • Spray Perfect nail polish could not be easier to use! You just hold it over your nails and spray
  • Clean up is quick and simple- just wash your hands and the excess paint washes away
  • You can get this great product in 7 different beautiful colors
  • This product dries very quickly- in less than a minute!
  • Using this product in place of expensive nail salon manicures will save you a lot of money!
  • The color stays on your nails for a while (at least 5 days and possibly more!) and does not crack or chip easily
  • This product is easy to remove from your nails when you become tired of the color you have been wearing
  • This product is a great value for the quality and quantity of the product you receive


  • If you mind getting a bit messy at first, you may not like this product as the areas around your fingers do get covered in paint until you wash your hands
  • You have to paint a base nail polish coat and then a top coat over the spray paint nail polish
  • There are currently only 7 colors to choose from. The colors are great, but may not appeal to everyone
  • The fumes from the spray nail polish are somewhat strong. As a result, this product should be used outside or in a very well-ventilated area
  • Because of the way the product works, some of the nail sprays will inevitably be wasted

Spray Perfect: What is it?

This is an As Seen on TV product that can be purchased directly from Amazon. This product was created to make painting your nails a fast and easy experience. Using this product in place of regular nail polish will save you time because it dries in less than a minute. To use it, all you have to do is spray the product over a base coat. Cover it with a top coat and wash off the excess paint around your fingers. That’s it! The nail polish provides complete and durable coverage on your nails. This product is simple for anyone to use!

Spray Perfect

How Well Does Spray Perfect Work?

According to our experience, this product works very well! Other Spray Perfect reviews are in agreement- this is an excellent product. Many individuals who previously struggled to paint their own nails find that they can now paint their nails with ease. When you compare this product with other nail polish reviews, you find that customers of this product are as equally, consistently satisfied as we are. This isn’t always the case with regular nail polish! This product really is a huge help to people who had trouble (or were completely unable) to paint their fingernails on their dominant hand. The reviews are right; this product really does what it claims to do. Not only does it live up to the hype, but it exceeded our expectations.

Potential Drawbacks

If you are sensitive to strong scents and odors, you may not like the strong scents that come from the paint. However, you can alleviate this problem by using the product outdoors or in an area that is well ventilated. Also, if you do not like making a mess, you may not like this product. In order to easily and quickly apply the paint, you have to cover your fingers with the spray and then remove the excess by washing your hands thoroughly. Despite these drawbacks, this product is a very good alternative to traditional nail polish. Using this product will save you some time and will require less effort.

Is This A Good Product for You?

Overall, we highly recommend this wonderful product. I personally can’t wait to try it out some more on my nails!! The reviews consistently agree with our assertion that it is a good investment to make if you enjoy having nicely polished nails. This product can be purchased for a low price of $19.99. With that, you will receive 2 colors of your choice as well as the top and base coats. Shipping is free. You can choose from the following colors: Racy Red, Sexy Silver, Naked Nude, Party Pink, Passion Purple, Whimsical White, and Black Beauty. You won’t have to worry about Spray Perfect nails losing their paint right away. In fact, you can expect your very own manicure from this product to last for at least 5 days and likely more. If you like painting your nails but would rather do it quickly and easily, we suggest that your purchase this product. In the event that you do not like it, you can take advantage of the manufacturers’ 30-day money back guarantee.


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