Flipeez Review

In the cold season, many parents often find it challenging to determine their kids to wear hats, in order to ward off colds. Kids complain that hats are unsightly and the situation doesn’t get any less complicated as said children age and turn into picky teenagers. Flipeez, As Seen on TV fun animal-shaped hats promise to address this situation and keep kids warm and safe throughout winter, by … [Read more...]

Thermal Aid Zoo Characters

Using Thermal Aid Zoo Characters to Comfort Your Child Many of us have seen therapeutic pads that can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer, but new Thermal Aid Zoo Characters from www.buythermalaid.com are a brand new way to soothe your child's injuries. By combing a therapeutic pad with a stuffed animal, these pads aim to offer soothing comfort in a fun, exciting package. From … [Read more...]

Gyro Bowl Review

When it comes to kids, snack time can also mean making a huge mess. Candy, cereal or crackers are no match for kids that are more concerned with eating than staying clean. Since ordinary bowls tip over easily, more snacks end up on the floor than in their mouth. That's why the Gyro Bowl hopes to put an end to these spills, but can it do the job? Click Here for the Gyro Bowl Manufacturer's … [Read more...]

Stompeez Review

Let's face it; kids love cute things. Cute shirts, cute toys and cute shoes are all adored by young children. Some kids love their shoes so much they try to wear them all the time, even in the house, which can lead to problems with dirt and mud. Stompeez could be a solution, with slippers so cute kids will take dirty shoes off right at the door. Click Here for the Best & More Affordable … [Read more...]

Wuggle Pets Review

There are few toys available that not only engage children on a creative level, yet also truly entertain. This is especially true of stuffed animals and other plush toys, where they are definitely entertaining, but don't require much creativity to play with. Wuggle Pets are an interesting solution to this problem. These cuddly friends that kids can make themselves could be one of the most unique … [Read more...]

Happy Nappers Review

Everybody knows that kids love stuffed animals. They're a friend that they can play with, cuddle and even sleep with. Happy Nappers have taken this idea further by creating a stuffed animal that turns into a pillow. If your kids have seen them, they've likely begged you for one already. This review will inform you with everything you need to know before purchasing one yourself. Click Here to go … [Read more...]