Will Gotham Steel Pans Replace Every Other Non Stick Pan?

Have you tried to make a nice meal in a frying pan only to have half of it stick to the pan and burn? Have you thought a pan was oven safe only to find out the hard way that is really wasn’t? If so, it sounds like you need a high quality non-stick pan. Unfortunately, the Gotham Steel pan is not going to cut it. … [Read more...]

Is the One Second Slicer The Ultimate Food Preparation Station?

I understand the need for cooking things yourself if you want to have a healthier diet (with more fresh fruits and veggies), but I can’t say I enjoy cooking too much. I only try to do it a few times per week because I understand its advantages, but frankly all that time spend chopping things is driving me nuts. That’s why automatic slicers and mandolins never cease to fascinate me, and if I’m ever … [Read more...]

Enjoy Fruit Desserts with the Swirlio Dessert Maker

Summer is almost upon us and with it, the usual heat waves will also be part of the scenery before we know it. Especially in the south. We are sometimes confined to lying around our cool homes for days, and nothing can bring us more comfort than a good helping of ice cream or frozen fruit desserts when the heat hits. This is precisely why a good ice cream maker or frozen fruit dessert maker is one … [Read more...]

Chop Magic Food Chopper

People who cook regularly know that the largest amount of time in the cooking process is wasted in the preparation period, when you have to clean, chop, slice and dice all the ingredients to have them ready for being turned into a delicious meal. But not everybody is so fond of this routine, as many have an increased sensitivity and actually suffer when chopping onions, for instance, while others, … [Read more...]

Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer

How would it be to be able to steam vegetables, fish, sea food like shrimps or crab legs inside your microwave oven, thus significantly reducing your cooking time on the stove and still preserve all the vitamins and nutritious juices of the veggies all in one basket, for a healthy, full meal with no fuss and no effort? How easy would it be to have a recipient to be able to cook two dishes in the … [Read more...]

The Ove Glove – Heat Protection Glove

How many times did you think that somebody should come up with a heat – resistant oven glove with all five fingers for a flexible and normal grip and made from a material that is indeed heat – proof? How many kitchen gloves did you have to throw away after a few uses or lost in the battle with the washing machine? If you love to cook and aren’t particularly fond of getting burn or destroying yet … [Read more...]

Potato Express

Baked potatoes are one of those simple pleasures in life that taste absolutely amazing – yet require a whole lot of effort and time spent waiting for the potatoes to actually cook in the oven. But what if a device came along, simplified the process, allowed it to be carried out with the aid of a microwave oven, and reduced baking time to no more than 4 minutes. That’s what the Potato Express says … [Read more...]

Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker

When it comes to potato chips, there are two undeniable truths everybody agrees with: potato chips are among the most favorite snacks for all children and adults out there, while there are rising concerns regarding the commercial-on-the-shelf potato chips snacks’ unhealthy features, as there is no secret about them being a little too fatty and too high in calories, which is obviously a major … [Read more...]

EZ Pockets Review

The EZ Pockets EZ-1000 promises to make baking a breeze – not to mention the fact that it adds a definite element of cute into the pie-making equation. And what could possibly appeal more to the baking masses than a kit that delivers miniature pies, pockets, pastry, and just about any type of baked dough goods? Nothing, you say? This EZ Pockets review says the baking kit has a lot going for it, … [Read more...]

Perfect Fries Cutter Review

Men and women alike surely must have wished at least once to cook home perfectly cut potato fries, just like the ones you find in specialized restaurant chains. Moreover, many women tried dozens of new recipes which included zucchini sticks, carrot sticks or apple sticks for that matter. It may not be hard to slice and dice your potatoes and vegetables by hand with a sharp knife, but for fast and … [Read more...]