Pajama Jeans Review

Us girls like to blend comfort and style whenever possible, so we tend to pay a lot of attention to whatever we wear, even if we only wear the items in question around the house. Yet it’s often difficult to find home apparel that doesn't look bland or dowdy. Not so with the Pajama Jeans, an As Seen on TV product available on Amazon, which promises to be the perfect blend of stylish and comfy, in a … [Read more...]

Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers Review

Cold feet are a problem many people, men and women alike, suffer not only in winter, but also in the warm seasons, as some forms of neuropathy or just poor blood flow turns into a constant, impossible to solve problem. Children and elders also face these troubles and the ill people need medication in order to improve circulation and thus keeping safe from forever cold toes. How many times did we … [Read more...]

Gray Away Root Concealer Review

Women who dye their hair know that it comes a time between two coloring sessions, which are not always cheap if done in professional beauty parlors, when the roots of their hair start showing the natural hair color as the hair grows. Of course, some women tried different solutions to get rid of this problem, by using all sorts of sprays and shampoos without the desired results. How many times did … [Read more...]

My Booty Belt Review

Ever had to deal with a pair of jeans or pants you liked, but couldn’t pull off, unless dressed in loose tops? That’s precisely the kind of issue My Booty Belt promises to address, by doing away with the bumps and bulges at the rear of one’s clothing. This My Booty Belt review will look at what the product’s buyers have to say about its efficiency, in terms of ensuring a trendy, slim … [Read more...]

Hot Huez Hair Chalk Review

Hot Huez Hair Chalk: Fun, Sassy, Chic When a person wants to add a pop of color to the hair, Hot Huez Hair Chalk is ideal. This unique product from changes hair from drab to fab in no time. It is safe, inexpensive, and simple to apply. It washes away with little effort, so it is a great way to try a trendy look without any consequences. It will make a person feel like a … [Read more...]

Derm Exclusive Review

Can Derm Exclusive Really Give You Visibly Younger Skin? One of the worst, yet inevitable, parts of aging is the fact that our skin starts to sag, wrinkle and dry. Overall, our skin can show our age or worse; make us look older than we really are. One option is to turn to plastic surgery, but this is dangerous and expensive. Other options include one of several beauty products, but very few really … [Read more...]

Gray Away Spray Review

Root Touch-Ups with the Gray Away Spray Have you ever gone out on the town with embarrassing gray roots? If you have, you likely know that quickly touching up gray hair can be an arduous task. Dyeing your hair again takes a lot of time and effort and other options can bleed or accidentally wash out. The product Gray Away from is a new type of gray hair solution that doesn’t use … [Read more...]

Comfortisse Bra Review

Finding a perfect bra can be one of the most challenging fashion endeavors a woman can face. From underwires that uncomfortably dig in, or straps that fall or pinch, being comfortable in a bra can be nearly impossible. One product that claims to offer women a perfect, comfortable fit is the Comfortisse Bra. Is this bra truly the perfect fit for you, or is it just another disappointment? Click … [Read more...]

Ahh Bra Review

Created by Hollywood actress and funny woman Rhonda Shear, the Ahh Bra is one of the newest and hottest innovations in women’s shape wear with more than 5 million comfortable compression bras sold so far. The Ahh Bra is made from a tightly woven blend of spandex and nylon that stretches in every direction to provide form-fit support and comfort without wires, seams or straps that slip or cause … [Read more...]