Trendy Top Review

No one likes to accidentally expose their stomach, or worse, the top of their underwear. It’s a simple fact, yet it happens to everyone at some point, usually due to low rise jeans or simply from reaching up or bending over. The Trendy Top has come up with a unique solution, but is it worth adding to your closet?

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trendy topPros:

  • Less bulky than a shirt
  • Covers front and back
  • Available in several colors
  • Comfy cotton blend
  • Available in many sizes


  • May not go with all outfits
  • Not as warm as a full shirt

What is the Trendy Top?

The Trendy Top is essentially a shirt used to cover the hips, waist, and lower back area of your body. Unlike a regular top, however, it does not have an upper half. As the tagline says, it is more of a “top that’s not.” This allows you to give the illusion of wearing a full shirt under your regular top without any of the bulk. It also gives you the ability to move around easily without feeling restrained by your shirt or the fear of exposure.

The Trendy Top comes in several different colors and sizes, making it suitable for anyone and any outfit. As of right now the colors available include gray, white, beige and black. Sizes include small/medium, large and extra large, making it a good choice for any woman regardless of their body type. Every top is made from a comfortable cotton blend, making it resistant to shrinking but also allowing enough give to comfortably form to your body without bagging or bunching.

Features and Benefits

Since the Trendy Top is at its core a “top that’s not,” the most apparent benefit it offers is its ability to layer easily in order to cover your back, hips and stomach. While wearing low-rise jeans or a blouse that doesn’t quite cover everything, this allows you to go about your daily activities without worrying about exposing too much skin. This especially important for those who work jobs where they are required to bend, crouch or reach up regularly. Normally these actions could expose your back side or stomach regardless of what you’re wearing. Not only is this embarrassing, it could also pose problems at work. With this top, these problems are no longer present.

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It’s true that a regular undershirt could function in a fairly similar manner, but the Trendy Top was specifically designed to offer all the benefits of a normal undershirt without any of the drawbacks. Specifically, a normal undershirt can give your outfit a bulkier appearance. Furthermore, it could inhibit movement and generally make you feel less comfortable carrying around unnecessary weight. Overall, this top is a more comfortable, less inhibiting choice for use with any outfit. You are also less likely to overheat since you’re not wearing a full extra layer of clothing.

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits offered by the top is that it allows you to more easily pull off fashionable looks. Layering continues to be a hot fashion trend, and the Trendy Top allows users to get that layered look without going to extreme lengths or bulking out their outfit. The basic black and white colors offered by the top also makes matching a breeze. It’s a great way to get a fashionable look without any extra fuss.

Issues and Concerns

Despite the many great aspects of the Trendy Top, there are some small issues that customers may want to know about. First of all, the fact that the top is in fact only part of a shirt means that you don’t get any added warmth by wearing it. This is likely a big pro in the summer and spring months, but during the colder winter months, you may find yourself looking for additional layers to stay warm. This is easily remedied by wearing a warmer blouse, however, so it isn’t too much of a drawback.

trendy top reviews

Secondly, despite the fact that the top is designed to go with nearly any outfit, the fact is that there may be some outfits you may want to wear that aren’t exactly 100% compatible. For instance, you may not always want a layered look or you may want to layer with something more colorful than white, black, gray or beige. These issues can easily be avoided by wearing a slightly longer top, so again it is a bit of a non-issue, but it may be important to some of the more obsessive buyers.

Sales and Deals

Since this product isn’t readily available in stores, your best bet for finding a good bargain on the Trendy Top is by keeping an eye on the product’s official site. Currently, for instance, they are offering a buy two get two free deal that allows you to get all four colors in one go for one low price. As with most offers, though, it is likely to change in the future. The best advice that can be given in this situation is that if you see a deal that you like, purchase as soon as possible as it may not be available later.


If you’re reading this review the biggest question you ultimately have is whether the Trendy Top is worth purchasing, and to that the only answer that can be given is a resounding “yes.” For those of us who love layering but hate feeling like they’re carrying out way too much weight in clothing, this product is exactly what we’ve been looking for. It offers all the benefits of a form-fitting undershirt without any of the drawbacks. D

espite being fashionable, it also can prevent many potentially embarrassing moments by covering your hips and stomach. Even if the layering look isn’t your thing, there are still many different outfits that the product goes with that still gives you this same added layer of protection. Ultimately, the Trendy Top is a great product that should be in any woman’s closet.