Acai Berry Review

acai-berry-review02You’ve seen them on TV and online. The acai berry has been the fad diet of the third millennium, if there ever was one, for many years now. There are countless products, including pills, tea infusions, and topical skin formulas, featuring this wonder food. All of them make the exact same promise: that the acai berry is going to miraculously help you lose weight, while also maintaining your youth. All with a simple, natural food item. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a miracle food, and this definitive acai berry review is here to explain why all those product reviews you’ve been seeing online and offline are a scam.


–          As healthy to eat as most berries;

–          Contain antioxidants and other healthful substances.


–          Have not been proven to substantially improve human health;

–          Are used as ingredient in health and weight loss scams;

–          Are being marketed for something they are not – miracle food.

Acai Berry: What Is It?

acai-berry-review03For the purpose of this acai berry review, we are not going to focus on any particular product that claims to feature the ingredient, but on the fruit itself. It is the fruit of a type of palm tree, typically cultivated in Central and South America, in swamps and other humid areas. A 2005 Greenpeace article explained that the acai berry is a major commercial product for the Amazon delta, as it helps nourish and sustain indigenous populations. In nutritional terms, acai berries contains 534 calories per 100 grams of freeze dried fruit, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and vitamin A. It is used as food, but also for juice, some alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, and dietary supplements.

How Well Do Acai Berries Work?

This is where the controversial part of this acai berry review starts. If you’re wondering about the popularity of this fruit, then you need to harken back to 2004, when one MLM company started selling acai tonic blends for as much as $40 a pop. They also underhandedly used celebrity names as fake endorses for their products, claiming this as proof that the products actually work. The acai berry has been credited with an entire host of health benefits, from curing diabetes, enlarging potency and the size of male genitalia, weight loss, rejuvenation, etc.. According to Wikipedia, as of April 2012, no scientific, controlled, and peer reviewed studies exist, attesting to their healthfulness, nor to the veracity of those claims.

Potential Drawbacks

Eating fruit, generally speaking, is not likely to cause any major health concerns. However, in the case of the acai berry, the situation is further confounded by the dishonesty of many acai-based supplement producers. Many of those who fell for the advertisements and purchased certain acai berry products found it hard to cancel their subscriptions, payments for the product, or get refunds. More recently, it has been noted that some websites that claim to denounce acai berry product scams are also scamming buyers themselves. It’s not the case with this acai berry review, but do consider yourselves forewarned.acai-berry-review01

Are They Right for You?

Acai berries are not damaging in and of themselves. They do provide significant protein intake, as do most berries. Furthermore, the presence of antioxidants in their molecular composition is also a positive fact. However, it is important to understand that, like other fad diets before it, the acai berry fad is also largely founded on nothing but speculation. Consumers should avoid falling for false claims – if anything, it’s interesting to note that Oprah Winfrey herself ran an investigation on one company, which claimed that her long-term guest Mehmet Oz had recommended the fruit for weight loss.

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