Aero Knife Review

Light as Air and Unlike Anything in the Market

The Aero Knife resembles a work of art instead of a well crafted piece of kitchen cutlery. The fine honed forged stainless steel blade measures a full ten-inches with a six-inch cutting width. The technologically advanced hole design of this razor sharp knife cuts effortlessly through any food. The Aero knife also comes with the Edge of Glory knife sharpener. These amazing knives can be found on the official website at:

Aero Knife ReviewPROS:

  • Forged Stainless Steele Construction Retains Razor Sharp Edge
  • Laser Cut Edge For Impeccable Hone
  • Revolutionary Hole Design
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip Handle
  • Full 10 Inch Cutting Blade, Measuring Six-Inches in Width
  • Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener Included
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Manufacturer Recommends Hand Washing/Drying
  • Not Recommended For Heavy Duty Use

Aero Knife: What Is It?

The over-all weight of this knife is reduced by its revolutionary hole design. This design reduces the surface area of the knife by up to 60%, allowing it to slice effortlessly through most foods. While it is not recommended for heavy duty use or on bone, the razor sharp blade can handle any standard kitchen task. As with most fine cutlery, care and attention must be given to the forged stainless steel of the cutting blade. Hand washing and drying is recommended to maintain the luster of the blade and hone of the laser cut edge. The super durable polymer handle is tapered to fit any hand securely and comfortably. The number one cause of kitchen accidents is cuts from knives while preparing food. This often happens because the blade is dull, handle is slippery, or the cutlery isn’t being used for its intended purpose. The Aero Knife alleviates some of these risks by its very design. When used properly and sharpened with the Edge of Glory sharpener, this knife will slice through almost any kitchen food with ease. The less pressure required in slicing, the less chance of slipping and accidental cuts to fingers or hands.

By decreasing the surface area of this aerodynamically designed knife, the blade will glide right through any food without sticking. This ensures perfect slices, slice after slice. The laser cut blade will retain its razor sharp edge for life. The Aero Knife is unlike any other kitchen cutlery on the market. There’s no need for expensive and space demanding cutlery sets with the Aero Knife. Its many uses can replace all of the other knives in your kitchen drawer or knife rack. Designed to be lightweight and easy to grip, this knife can make fast work of time consuming kitchen tasks. The Edge of Glory knife sharpener is included to keep the blade edge razor sharp for life.

Aero Knife Review

How Well Does It Work?

When it comes to kitchen cutlery, you want precision, balance, sturdy grip, and razor sharp cutting edges. The Aero Knife offers all of these things and more with its technologically advanced design. By reducing surface area by up to 60%, this knife creates no drag as it slides through food. Most often it takes a serrated blade to slice bread, however, the laser cut forged stainless steel blade of the Aero Knife slices through bread like it were butter. Tomatoes also generally require a special blade, yet this knife can lay out paper thin slivers, one after another. The curvature of the blade allows for the rocking motion required for fast chopping, and the strong polymer handle assure a firm grip.

Potential Drawbacks

This knife isn’t meant for heavy duty use or use on bone. Its purpose is strictly for meeting standard home kitchen demands. Dishwashers can bang other utensils into the finely honed blade and cause damage, so hand washing and drying is recommended. The Aero Knife needs to be washed and dried immediately after use in order to protect the finish and luster. Acidic foods can tarnish fine cutlery and wear away on the blade in relatively short time. The Eternal Edge of the knife can only be sharpened using the Edge of Glory knife sharpener, which is included.

Aero Knife Review

Is It Right For You?

Measuring a full ten-inches in length and six-inches at maximum width, this knife is any cook’s dream cutlery. The full thirty-day money back guarantee assures your complete satisfaction. The aerodynamically engineered design of the blade is expertly crafted in forged stainless steel. The Eternal Edge will last a lifetime when properly maintained with the Edge of Glory knife sharpener. No other kitchen knife compares to the versatility of the Aero Kinfe. There is no need for special blades to cut delicate or difficult foods with this knife in hand. Anyone who does a lot of vegetable preparation or fine chopping can benefit from the razor sharp, no drag, non-stick action of this truly unique cutting blade.

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