Air Climber Review

air-climber-review01This Air Climber review is out to find out if the enhanced, affordable, As-Seen-on-TV stepper really does make exercise fun, as the infomercial for the product promises. The essential principle behind the device is that it uses air to eliminate impact, but also to adjust the intensity of each workout. The stepper promises to lift, shape, and tone the user’s legs with each step. It also comes with adjustable elastic bands, which can be used to tone the upper body, as well as with an instructional DVD, for those in need of some workout inspiration.


–          Lightweight and easy to carry around

–          Can be adjusted to various degrees of resistance

–          Good customer service

–          Comes with workout DVD

–          Accessible price


–          Can overheat from prolonged usage

–          Somewhat shoddy design

Air Climber: What Is It?air-climber-review03

The Air Climber is a work out device meant for use at home, which promises to provide the user with all the benefits of a walk, plus the added perk of adjustable metrics. As one Air Climber review on Amazon puts it, this enhanced stepper can be used to tone the entire body – not just the calves and thighs. The full body workout can be achieved by making use of the elastic bands, which can be adjusted for various degrees of resistance and strength.

How Well Does the Air Climber Work?

We found more than just one Air Climber reviews online which explained that this device is best used 4 to 6 times a day. This means that it’s best suited for people who are not extremely active, but rather for those in search of a workout machine which will help them keep in shape via a light, easy exercising session. Thanks to the elastic resistance bands with which it is equipped, it can be used for toning one’s muscle, including both the lower body (hips and thighs), but also the upper body. It works well, in the sense that it doesn’t exhaust one into oblivion, but it can be used for aerobic purposes as well. Since it’s made out of plastic, the Air Climber is light enough to be carried around from one spot inside the house to another, yet it can also hold up to 220 lbs in weight.

Potential Drawbacks

air-climber-review02Although most product reviews are positive when it comes to the price versus quality ratio, one Air Climber review complains of its design. The Air Climber is made out of plastic, which is a good thing if you plan to carry it around, if you find it difficult hauling massive objects around the house, and if your workout style is more on the light side. However, it can heat up after being in use for a long time – and since it’s made of plastic, there is some degree of risk to have it melt or deteriorate. Also, it can get wobbly, if used on high-intensity levels, or by users with massive body weight.

Is It Right for You?

There is more than just one Air Climber review out there which praises the item’s compact size and the fact that it can be easily stored. This also points out another important aspect to consider, when thinking about buying the device. If you are relatively active and want a workout machine that will give you a serious run for your money, you might be best advised to invest into a serious (and more expensive) machine. For a quick, light, and affordable stepper, which you can use to keep mildly in shape, the Air Climber is perfect. It might not, however, withstand intense usage.

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