Air Curler Review

air-curler-review01The Air Curler promises to achieve two desired goals by women the world over, in one fell swoop. This accessory, which attaches to one’s hair dryer, allegedly both dries and curls the user’s hair all at once. Its manufacturers say it is able to leave hair soft and tangle-free, without inflicting any damage to it, like most curling irons will do. It is also supposed to be compatible with numerous brands of hair dryers. This Air Curler review aims to find out if the device really works as fast as it claims, and whether or not it truly is that efficient and healthy for one’s hair.


–          Easy to assemble and attach to the hair dryer

–          Works on most lengths of hair


–          Assembly might be a bit hard to figure out in the first go

–          Size and structure might prove an inconvenience for some users

–          Might not work on all types of hair

–          Twists rather than curls

–          Difficult to figure out how to produce different types of curls

Air Curler: What Is It?

air-curler-review02The Air Curler is a styling tool that looks a lot like a pink plastic bucket, attached to a tube and with a perforated bottom. The device is used by attaching it to one’s personal hair dryer and then inserting the strand of hair that one wants dried and curled into the ‘bucket’ element of the device. It is supposed to be used on damp hair, as it both curls and dries hair at the same time. Unlike a curling iron, however, it doesn’t overheat the air circulated, but only gently warms it up and twirls it around, much like a tornado, according to the description of one Air Curler review we found on Amazon.

How Well Does the Air Curler Work?

Although we found more than one Air Curler review that said the product did work, it’s difficult to establish a consensus. The users that claimed it works had different lengths of hair, from short bobs to shoulder-length and even longer. By the looks of it, this styling device is much more likely to work on fine, thin hair, than on thick and heavy types. Some users report very poor results, both in terms of drying, as well as in terms of having their hair untangled. Those on which the product didn’t work at all say their hair was not curled, but just twisted around.

Potential Drawbacks

Aside from the complaints that the device failed to curl hair properly, one Air Curler review we found online explained that the product is too large and thus cumbersome to use. It takes a while to figure out how to attach it to the hair dryer in the first go and some buyers were infuriated enough by this aspect that they gave up on the product altogether. Others resorted to use the plastic band that comes along with the product, in order to make sure the Air Curler stays in place. Other drawbacks include a failure to detangle, dry, or even properly curl hair.

Is It Right for You?air-curler-review03

As one online Air Curler review explains, the device might work better on fine hair, rather than on thick and heavy hair. That’s probably because the air system used by the device doesn’t have enough power to deal with heavier and thicker hair. The guess of this Air Curler review is that most consumer reports that stated the device simply ‘twisted’ their hair simply did not have the right kind of hair for it and failed to consult with other reviews prior to their purchase. Assembly is also an issue, yet, overall, the Air Curler is probably healthier and less damaging for the hair than most curling irons, whose actions are much more aggressive.

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