BeActive Brace for Sciatica Nerve Pain Review

At the moment, 80% of Americans suffer from back-pains. 40% of people all over the world have to endure sciatica nerve pain at some point in their life. For these people, simple actions like bending or walking become an absolute nightmare. Every doctor suggests something different. Chiropractors dismiss any type of alternative treatment while doctors treat the issue with pills. The truth is that sciatica nerve pain can only be alleviated (and maybe even overcome) through regular exercises that will help you align the spine. The BeActive brace for Sciatica nerve pain is a device that claims it can quickly relieve pain related to sciatica. According to its manufacturers, the brace will reduce short and long-term chronic back pain associated with sciatica. But does the product really work? Judging by the negative reviews seen online, some might believe that it does not. If you look closer, you will see that almost all of these negative reviews were made by people who never even used the actual product. Almost every reviewer who actually tried the BeActive brace for Sciatica nerve pain mentioned notable improvement and less pains.

What is the BeActive Brace?

BeActive Brace for Sciatica Nerve Pain

The BeActive Brace is a small leg device which you can slide into a position just below the knee. Once in position, it will apply “target pressure” to a specific pressure point. According to the manufacturers, this pressure alleviates sciatic and related back pain. Other sciatica braces simply offer support strictly for the lower back. BeActive uses a revolutionary system. The device was invented and patented by Akiva Schmidman, a physical therapist. Because the product is relatively new, many people have yet to actually test it and are judging it at face value alone. Those who actually tried it were delighted with the results.

In most cases, back pain radiates from the lower back to extremities. The adjustable brace, which you can wear on your right or left leg, uses acupressure to reduce nerve impulses that go up the leg.  By using the BeActive brace on a regular basis to trigger pressure points below the knee, the manufacturers say feel the relief soon. By using this brace, you will be able to exercise, bend over, and do all of the things that caused debilitating pain.

Judging the BeActive first hand is quite tricky. I suffer from neither Sciatica back pain nor regular back pain. However, I felt a nearly instant relief of pressure the moment I put the BeActive Brace on my leg. It seems to have good potential for those suffering. But, it’s difficult for me to judge the brace for myself.

Things to Consider Before Buying the BeActive Brace for Sciatica Nerve Pain

The first thing you should consider is that, although the product claims to help with sciatic nerve pain and other back pains, it never claimed to eliminate it completely. There is no medical practice that can eliminate back pain on its own. As a matter of fact, the brace includes instructions that advise at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. This means that the product will work best if you also work-out at least 30 minutes/day. Yoga, stretching, pilates or simply walking in the morning could be enough.

We should also consider how we will order the product. Many disgruntled customers wrote bad reviews because they didn’t understand how the ordering process works. The BeActive Brace costs $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping cost. You cannot purchase just one Brace at a time. They are sold as a “set”. In other words, you buy one and you receive the second. You don’t have to pay additional money for the other brace, but you will have to pay for the shipping. The total cost of the set is $35.89. Make sure you do not ask for 4 BeActive products when you place your order (unless you want 8 braces for friends and family).

Where to Buy the BeActive Brace

Without a doubt, the best and most secure place to buy the BeActive Brace is from the official website. Not only will you get the lowest price on the market here, but you can also order an extra Brace for free (as long as you cover the extra shipping and handling). If you are unhappy with the BeActive Brace, the manufacturer includes a generous 30 day money-back guarantee.

BeActive Brace for Sciatica Nerve Pain

For an additional $10, you can upgrade to the Premium BeActive. The premium version is basically the same thing but with more “breathable and durable fabric”.

The Final Word on the BeActive Brace

We haven’t seen much conclusive medical studies regarding the BeActive Brace. However, its same principles are used in acupuncture. People suffering from sciatic pain claim that the brace helped them sleep full-nights and become active once again. Do yourself a favor, and try the brace out. In the end, what’s $36 compared to a life free of back-pains?

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