Big Boss Rapid Wave Convection Countertop Oven

big boss ovenHow many times did you want to cook fast and, not only that, but to be able to be flexible in your cooking choices and switch between roasting, broiling, baking, air frying, grilling, boiling and steaming without using too much oil, but following the principles of a low fat cooking lifestyle? How many times did you wish to have a cooking device to leave unsupervised and do other house chores, while your food cooks safely and deliciously without much effort? And how many times did you feel that the pleasures of cooking fade against the drags of manually washing and cleaning all the used dishes and cooking ware and components?


  • The Big Boss Oven can fully roast, broil, bake and fry food up to three times faster than conventional ovens
  • It is energy efficient
  • The oven uses triple cooking power to crisp food on the outside, while cooking it well and moist on the inside
  • The oven features dishwasher – safe components
  • The oven is built so it uses low fat (oil and grease) principles, thus contributing to a healthier lifestyle
  • It quickly cooks from frozen
  • It comes with 2 trays, allowing you to cook multiple foods at the same time and a safety handle on the lid, which automatically turns the unit off when raised


  • The device is very large and heavy, making it difficult to store when not in use and to clean the non dishwasher safe parts
  • The bowl is large and needs precautions when cleaned
  • Depending on the food that you cook – especially in large products, such as a whole chicken for instance – the cooking might not be as satisfactory, as the food needs to be turned over to be cooked evenly
  • Customer support is done poorly, especially if by accident, the oven comes with damaged parts
  • Some of the part are built in plastic, making it susceptible to wear and tear

Big Boss Rapid Wave Convection Countertop Oven: What is it?

big boss3Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Infrared Convection Countertop Oven is a product marketed for its triple cooking power, combining novelty energies in order to save cooking time and enhance the cooking experience with low – fat feature. It is an As Seen on TV product available in online stores and sold through Amazon. The oven can cook frozen food without needing previous thawing. It is also very good for reheating fries or pizza, keeping them crunchy and saving their flavor. The oven comes with removable cooking racks that can be adapted to the user’s needs, while the main bowl and lid are transparent, for a better monitoring of the cooking process. However, due to the technology employed, rare are the cases when the lid needs to be removed and the food turned on the other side. It reduces the common kitchen heat provided by traditional cooking appliances.

How Well Does the

Big Boss Rapid Wave Convection Countertop Oven Work?

There are very few unsatisfied customers, and usually the complaints revolve around the necessity to stop the cooking process for turning over a dish cooked inside the oven, usually a large chicken which doesn’t cook evenly and in due time. All other customers are pleased by the time efficiency of the product and its feature of being able to cook in almost every way possible without much effort and with the added benefit of low fat using. Moreover, the features of cooking frozen food at the same standards and reheating food that usually isn’t as tasty after reheating makes it a very enjoyed kitchen product.

Potential Drawbacks

Besides the fact that perhaps a user must stop the cooking process to turn over the food to cook evenly and well, the major drawback of the product is that it is indeed large and hard to deposit and handle, especially the large glass cooking bowl. Customer service support for this particular product was rated as being very poor. Big Boss Rapid Wave Convection Countertop Oven

Is the Big Boss Rapid Wave Convection Countertop Oven Good for You?

If you want to cook fast, in many ways, saving energy and using lower quantities of oil or grease, then the product is what you need, as it indeed works as advertised. It has good performance levels and customers claim they use it on a daily basis for almost any type of cooking, heating or reheating foods. Compared to its price, our verdict is the product is worth its money and may be a useful tool in the kitchen for a long period of time.

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