Body Action System Review

My husband and I have been bickering about getting exercise equipment for the house. He keeps telling me that he wants some kind of a home gym, while I think we don’t have the room, or the money for that kind of equipment.

What Is the Body Action System?

Body Action System

One day we were watching TV and saw a commercial for the Body Action System. My husband was interested because it featured Bas Rutten, the MMA champion. Instead of lifting weights, you could get a cardio workout while also working your major muscle groups.

How? By using MMA kicks and punches against an interactive stand designed to absorb the blows while minimizing stress to your joints.

I confess that I was skeptical, but also interested after I saw how easily you could fold up the stand and stick it in a corner or closet. The workout looked fun and challenging, so I agreed to give it a try. 

We bought the system and we are glad we did. We are getting great workouts without having to go to the gym or dedicating a whole room in the house to fitness equipment.

Body Action System Pros and Cons

Is the Body Action System perfect? Of course not, and even though we are pleased with it, there are some things that you should think about before committing to a purchase.


·      Unlike a lot of home exercise systems, Body Action System stand is lightweight, adjustable to any height and is easy to store.

·      Get a full body workout with one system

·      Vary your workouts with optional DVDs.

·      Suitable for both men and women.


·      This is a high-energy workout that involves kicks and punches. Talk to your doctor before starting this or any other exercise program.

·      The system doesn’t incorporate strength training with weights, which is important to some people.

Where to Buy the Body Action System

The official website is a great place to buy the Body Action System. You can check out multiple videos showing you the system in action, plus you can select the stand that suits your needs best. You’ll get a 90-day parts guarantee, too, as well as the option to pay for the system through PayPal’s Bill Me Later program, which allows you to spread your payments over six months with no interest.

Final Word

If you are bored with standard workouts, give the Body Action System a try. It’s a lot of fun and gives you numerous options for customizing your daily exercise routine.

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