My Booty Belt Review

my-booty-belt-review01 Ever had to deal with a pair of jeans or pants you liked, but couldn’t pull off, unless dressed in loose tops? That’s precisely the kind of issue My Booty Belt promises to address, by doing away with the bumps and bulges at the rear of one’s clothing. This My Booty Belt review will look at what the product’s buyers have to say about its efficiency, in terms of ensuring a trendy, slim look.


–          Comfortable

–          Figure flattering

–          Practical

–          Affordable

–          Can be worn with many different styles of outfits


–          Not available, as there aren’t too many reviews of the product online at the moment.

What Is My Booty Belt?

According to one My Booty Belt review we found online (one of the very few, in fact), this product consists of an elastic belt, which closes with a snap-on mechanism. It is strictly dedicated to the rear part of one’s jeans or trousers and its goal is to do away with the unsightly bulges that regular belts might determine. Since it’s elastic, it also assuages the issues of people who don’t normally like to wear belts – this one is flexible enough not to cause any constriction.

Features and Benefits

my-booty-belt-review02My Booty Belt is perfect for people who aren’t normally that keen on sporting a belt, for various reasons. It is made out of durable elastic, which can withhold significant amounts of pressure, and the metallic buckle makes sure the item will not come undone when worn. What’s more, it’s very affordable and comes with a low price tag. It promises to work just fine with tight or sheer tops, whose wearers want to avoid developing a bulge or bump around their bottom area. It also works well for people who have lost weight, but still want to wear some of their old jeans or trousers, for some reason or another. As advertised, My Booty Belt is perfect for people who naturally have a booty and who often find themselves facing a bulge at the back, simply because the waistline of their bottoms is too wide. My Booty Belt creates a clean, bulge-free silhouette, which is at once modern and alluring. Since the product does not strictly address people with weight issues, nor is it solely aimed at them, it’s good to know that it’s available in all sizes, from XS to L.

Issues and Concerns

One of the main issues regarding the product is that, as of the writing of this article, we could not find more than a single My Booty Belt review online, which seemed genuine. As such, we are unable to provide sufficient details regarding the quality of the item, the materials it is made of, and its durability. It’s worth mentioning that the afore-cited review argued the product is not that efficient at what it’s supposed to do, i.e. get rid of the bulge. In its stead, it suggested the purchase of a similar product, called the Booty

The Verdict

The conclusion of this My Booty Belt review is that buyers should wait until the product becomes better known and more of a common purchase before they jump in. It’s equally true that the very low price tag warrants a risk, as the feeling of having made a poor decision and investment will probably be insignificant enough to ignore. At the same time, however, it’s that very same low price which indicates that the product may not be too good in terms of quality, as well as that returning it will clearly not be worth it. At the same time, if you’ve tried My Booty Belt, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section what you thought of it – in time, we will want to update our info on the product.


  1. Kathy Sciarrino says

    I have worn this product and am thrilled with quality and the help I get from having such a small waste and unable to get pants that fit perfect. When I get my pants tightened by the tailor it fits in the waist and then can not go over my hips. I love this product. I am a business women that wears lots of suits and this has been my answer to my waist issue.

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