Butterfly Abs Review

A Fresh Look at Butterfly Abs

Want to build up your abs without doing a thing? Sounds almost like a dream. But with the new Butterfly Abs device from www.butterflyabs.com, this dream may actually be a reality. The product claims that just by attaching the butterfly-shaped device on your abs and pushing a button, you can work out your abdominal muscles without having to get up off of the couch. All the work is done for you while you go about your day. But does it really work as well as it claims to, or is it just another overhyped product?

Butterfly Abs ReviewPROS:

– Includes rechargeable battery and charging USB cable

– Butterfly shape allows device to contract muscles throughout your entire stomach

– Attaches quickly and works with just the push of a button

– Multiple settings to allow you to tone at just the right intensity for you

– Can be worn discretely under clothes to allow you to tone on the go

– Works great for both men and women alike


– Will need a balanced diet and other workout routines to build muscles elsewhere in the body

Butterfly Abs: What Is It?

The Butterfly Abs device was designed to give users a quick and easy way to tone and build their abdominal muscles without having to undergo strenuous exercises. There are, after all, many reasons why you couldn’t build abdominal muscles the traditional way. For some, medical issues may limit the amount of physical activity you can undergo. For others, time constraints and a busy schedule may prevent regular exercise or maintaining strong abdominal muscles. And of course there are some that just would like stronger abs without having to do much work. Since this product works by sending electrical impulses to the abdominal muscles causing them to expand and contract, you can essentially get a full ab workout while you relax or even while you walk around at work.

Using Butterfly Abs is also very easy because it can truly be tailored to your lifestyle thanks to its bevy of useful features. For starters, when your order the product, you will receive a rechargeable EMS unit, two reusable and washable toning pads plus a USB charging cable. This is everything you’ll need to get up and running with the product in no time. The product itself is outfitted with adjustable features like ten levels of intensity and six different workout routines. This allows you to have complete control over how much stimulation your muscles receive. You can even increase the intensity as you start getting used to the device. Those ordering the device from the official store also receive two bonus Butterfly toning pads plus a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Butterfly Abs Review

How Well Does It Work?

There just isn’t any other product on the market that can do all the great things that the Butterfly Abs device can do. It’s true that there isn’t any shortage of ab-focused exercise equipment available, but all of these products require you to exert yourself repeatedly to get results. This means taking time out of your day to exercise, building up a sweat working out, then feeling exhausted as you recover. For some of us, this just isn’t feasible due to our schedules. In some cases it isn’t possible due to medical restrictions. With this product, these concerns are no longer an obstacle in the path to building and toning strong abdominal muscles. In just minutes you can attach the device to the reusable pads, attach the pads to your abs, and with the press of a button, you will soon be working out your abs with extreme ease. It doesn’t get any better than that.

In addition to being an easy way to build abdominal muscles, the Butterfly Abs device is also great because it can be used at almost any time. Since it can fit neatly under your clothing, you can go almost anywhere and do almost anything while the device builds up your muscles. A trip to the store or simply typing away at work can be done all while using this device. And no one even has to know you’re using it! You could even relax outside and get a tan, or just watch TV while you relax on the couch. It never interferes with what you have scheduled for the day. Instead of making time to exercise, you’re actually gaining time to do what you want to do.

The Butterfly Abs device isn’t short on features, either. It has ten levels of intensity and six different workout modes so that you can totally customize the product to your comfort level. As you get used to the device and your ab muscles begin to grow and tone, you can gradually increase the intensity level for more intense muscle-building. It also features a rechargeable battery with an included standard USB cable. This means that you never have to go out and buy batteries for the product. All you have to do is plug it into a wall-adapter or your computer and you are ready to go again in no time at all. Even the butterfly-shaped pads are restickable, washable and reusable.

Potential Drawbacks

Anyone that uses the Butterfly Abs will see quickly that it works well, but there are some things you should know before purchasing the product. First and foremost you should realize that this product is only meant to build and strengthen your abs. If you want to build stronger thigh muscles, pectoral muscles or any other muscles, you’ll have to do so with good old-fashioned exercise. It also isn’t a replacement for a good diet, either. It will build your abs quickly and easily, and since that’s all it claims to do, these drawbacks really aren’t a flaw with the product itself.

Butterfly Abs Review

Is It Right For You?

If you want better abs and you don’t want to work hard to get them, the Butterfly Abs device is the only product you’ll want to buy. It works out your muscles with just a few minutes of prep time and almost no work on your part. You can build muscles while you go about your day, and you even get a full 60-day money-back guarantee so that you can see it work for yourself.

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