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Callous Clear Review

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Feet should be soft and smooth, but after spending all day on your feet, more than likely they’re going to be dry and callused. It’s worse for some than others, but the truth is the most all of us could spend a little more attention on getting our feet to look and feel better. The Callous Clear from www.callousclear.com uses a combination of items to help remove calluses quickly and easily. But is it really your best option?

Callous Clear ReviewPROS:

– Removes calluses quickly

– Smooth and moisturizes feet

– No messy clean up

– Includes heel balm, softener, patches and a scraper/file

– Works after just one application

– Cheaper than a spa treatment


– May require repeated treatments over time

Callous Clear: What Is It?

Callous Clear is a combination of items meant to quickly, effectively and comfortably remove calluses and dry skin from your feet. The process is extremely simply to follow and it can be done by yourself at home. The first step is to apply the softening foot cream to the included patch. This penetrates through the layers of dead skin to help easily peel dry and hard skin away as soon as you apply it to your feet. Once the patch and foot cream is applied, you can then use the combination file and scraper to scrape away at the softened skin. It comes off quickly and easily. Once you’re finished filing, the soothing heel balm is applied to keep the foot moisturized and extremely soft to the touch.


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Each order of Callous Clear includes everything you could possibly need to remove calluses from both of your feet. Each kit includes one dual scraper and file, one tube of softener, a package of heel balm and four foot patches. Currently, orders from the official store will double this package so that you can apply the product to your feet for months to come. And since it can start working in one treatment, it all comes at the cost of less than one visit to an expensive spa. You do have to pay extra shipping and handling for the second batch, but it is well worth the cost.

How Well Does It Work?

Callous Clear, to be frank, works wonderfully at completely clearing your feet of calluses, dry skin and ugly patches of dead skin. Because it works in tandem with multiple products, including a cream, a patch, a file and a balm, this product can do what other products simply cannot. A foot scraper by itself, for instance, does nothing to help moisturize your feet and keep calluses from coming back. A simple moisturizer does nothing to help get rid of the calluses already on your feet. By combing all of these products together in one kit, you can tackle calluses like never before. It’s so effective that it really can transform the look of your feet in just one treatment.

Since you don’t have to pay someone else to do the work, Callous Clear is also way more affordable than a trip to the spa. Whereas as spa treatment can cost hundreds of dollars, this kit includes way more value and at nearly one-fifth the cost. It can even be taken with you on trips since each part of the kit is easily packed up for on-the-go treatments. And since you don’t have to make an appointment to use it, you can give your feet the full spa treatment at home anytime you like! But don’t feel like you have to; this product can do wonders in just one treatment. Though your feet will naturally look better the more you use it, just one treatment can transform your feet for weeks at a time.


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Potential Drawbacks

The only real drawback of this product is that, while it works in one treatment for most, it can take a few treatments for best results. If you have heavily callused feet, for instance, it will take like two to three treatments before your feet are perfectly smooth and soft. You will notice great results after just one treatment, however, so this isn’t really much of a problem. And this product still works better than most, so this fact shouldn’t dissuade you from buying at all.

Is It Right For You?

Anyone who has problems with dryness, calluses or dead skin on their soles and heels should give Callous Clear a try. It includes multiple products to tackle every cause of callused skin right at the source. It moisturizes new skin while scraping away old skin, and it does so quickly and easily. There’s no mess, and you’ll see results in just one treatment. And since it’s cheaper and more convenient than the spa, you’re also getting a great value for your money. There’s really no reason not to give it a try.

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