The Car Valet Graded Review

Let me tell you why the Car Valet interested me in the first place. As a person who drives for at least 2 hours every day, I can truly say that the car I drive became more or less of a second home for me. I’m sure that most drivers can relate to this, especially if they drive for even longer distances than I do. Since we also have quite a lot of stuff to carry along with us (from a mobile phone or even 2 to other basic necessities like a drink cup, several keys, paper towels, maybe a pack of snacks and so on), things tend to get quite messy.

This is especially a problem for men, since the ladies can at least take advantage of their handbags to keep things in place a bit. Of course, it tends to become a problem for women too, since we all know a handbag isn’t really enough to carry all the accessories you need and keep them close. Since I was getting really sick of the chaos, I looked up the options I had for a cup holder insert to fix between my seat and my car’s center console, one which could maybe hold in place other things besides a cup. The Car Valet As seen on TV product caught my eye and I decided to try it out. This is my honest Car Valet review detailing my experience with the product.

What Is the Car Valet?

Car ValetThe Car Valet Cup Holder is a car cup holder and organizer meant to help out precisely with this issue of safely storing your drink cups and other accessories while driving. The Car Valet is advertised as the ideal way to organize all of those things, functioning precisely like a regular cup holder insert, tightly set in the area between your car seat and the center console, but designed to accommodate and keep more than just your extra cups. It can hold the following: the main cup, two extra cups, phones and electronic accessories like headsets or microphones etc., keys, sunglasses, golf balls and whatever else you’d like to fit in the Car Valet’s generous storage space.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Car Valet

In my opinion, these were the main perks of the Car Valet Cup Holder:

  • The Car Valet really help with organizing everything in your car that is too small to put someplace else, or too sensitive and must be keep tightly in place (like a cell), or everything you need to keep close for frequent use (like wet wipes or your drink). In my experience, the product was neatly inserted in the designed space and managed to hold everything together tightly, just like it promised.
  • The price of the Car Valet is very advantageous for a good cup holder, let alone one which can store other things as well (only $14.99 for one and you get the second one free, so the price is actually for 2 Car Valet holders). I myself had bought an extra pack which also gave me an Easy View accessory for my car so that the sun doesn’t get in my eyes anymore while driving. Both products really help me, and I haven’t spilled my drink in the car anymore ever since purchasing the Car Valet Cup Holder.
  • If you buy them with one of the bundle options (such as the basic option of buy one, get one free, or the family pack option where you get four), you can easily gift one to your loved ones. The Car Valet really lives up to its name and assists you while driving just like a lord’s valet, so it would make a really useful gift.

Where to Buy the Car Valet

As usual, the best place to buy the Car Valet is directly from the official website. You can order one for $14.99 (plus $7.95 for packing and handling) and get the second one free. To this basic pack, you can also add the Easy View accessory for only $5, which is really a bargain. If you think you may need more than two Car Valet accessories, you also have the option of ordering a family pack (with 4 Car Valets, 2 Easy Views and 5 Microfiber cleaning towels), for $29.95 plus a further$9.95 P&H. I don’t know about you but I think this is how a great deal sounds like.

The Final Word on the Car Valet Review

As a final recommendation and conclusion after testing the Car Valet cup holder myself, I will say that I wholeheartedly recommend the product to anyone who drives a car. No matter how your life looks like and no matter what kind of accessories you need to carry with you beyond a drink cup or two, the Car Valet can keep them all tightly in one place and better organized as well.

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