Is the Lazer Bond the Ultimate Fixing Tool or Junk?

Lazer Bond is a repair product that uses a liquid plastic which hardens when it comes into contact with a UV light. This is not the first or only one of its kind. There are other alternatives for a plastic welding kit that can be found on Amazon, such as the Bondic which also uses  a UV glue, or more traditional plastic welders like this one from Portasol that use a hot iron. I've seen some … [Read more...]

How Well Does the Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum Perform?

If there's one thing that we all need in our household it is a quality vacuum cleaner. But who wants to pay $300-400 for one? This is the dilemma that I found myself in. I'm in the market for a vacuum but I don't want to spend an entire paycheck on one. So I scoured the internet looking at reviews by both consumers and review websites. In my search one of the vacuums that I kept coming across was … [Read more...]

Can the Five Second Fix Really Fix Anything?

Things happen. Stuff breaks. It's the way of the world. For those everyday fixes I have a normal super glue tube that sits in my tool cabinet and bottle of Gorilla glue that sits next to that. They both work okay, but I hate using them. The super glue stinks, and I seem to get it all over my hands every time. The Gorilla glue comes in a large applicator and I can never be very precise with it, … [Read more...]

Scratch Aide for Furniture Graded Review

When I recently say a TV commercial for Scratch Aide, I thought it was a dream come true for old furniture that you need to tolerate or simply replace otherwise. The truth is that there aren’t a lot of things to be done about wood scratches and once a few of those occur, then your furniture will lose its pristine looks forever. Well, this new As Seen On TV Product, the Scratch Aide for furniture … [Read more...]

The Invinceable All-in-One Cleaning Spray

Ah, the feeling of finally having finished cleaning the house. It’s stain-free, smells great and there are no dust bunnies floating around. Unfortunately, not only is that feeling fleeting, but it’s also a bit hard to achieve – especially if you’ve lived in the same place for a while, if you’ve got kids, or if there are pets around. Stains can be particularly annoying and tough to get rid of, no … [Read more...]

The Fast Brite Lens Restore System Graded Review

No matter how often you wash, clean, or detail your car, you will eventually have to deal with build up on your headlights. When this occurs, they simply won’t shine as brightly as they used to. This build up inevitable occurs due to the muck and grime that tends to accumulate over time on your headlights. Such buildup causes car lights to become foggy, cloudy, and otherwise unusable without some … [Read more...]

Instagone Pro Multi Purpose Stain Remover Review

No matter how tidy I try to keep my home throughout the year, spring and winter cleaning still represents a major undertaking. Let's face it, no one really enjoys cleaning up. Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I just simply cannot get rid of stains and grease on delicate surfaces. Do you have kids or pets? If you do, you have even more chances of getting some lovely mud on your precious carpet … [Read more...]

Aquarug Shower Carpet

What can you ask from a shower rug besides it having no - slip features and, in a very best case scenario, some sort of resistance to wearing and water absorbing? We all know these products are common use and need to be changed quite often in order to keep them from becoming real pools of mildew and moist. But how about benefiting from a shower carpet that looks like any other shower carpet, but … [Read more...]

Dutch Glow Review

My new apartment is really cool: The best thing about it? Wood floors. I’ve got a few area rugs to break things up, but the floors look great with my antique furniture. The only trouble is keeping all this wood clean: I was waxing on a regular basis, plus doing touch-ups with dusting sprays, but the more I used those products, the dirtier everything got. Out of desperation, I decided to buy a new … [Read more...]

As Seen On TV DAP 25′ X-Hose Expanding Hose Review

The DAP 25' X-Hose Expanding Hose is an As Seen On TV product available in online stores such as DAP XHose website, as well as on Amazon.  It is indeed a hose with the interesting feature of being able to expand 3 times its size when the water is running and to retract to only 9’ in size when the water is turned off. It contracts back to the minimum length in a few seconds, it is light and easy to … [Read more...]