Sticky Buddy Review

Dirt, lint and pet dander are common problems for many people, and because of this, they turn to lint rollers to help keep their homes and clothes clean. Buying these rollers often can be expensive, though, and the paper sheets are messy and hard to keep clean when not in use. The Sticky Buddy is a completely reusable cleaning roller, but how does it compare to paper rollers? Click Here for the … [Read more...]

Lint Lizard Review

If you've noticed that your dryer isn't working as efficiently lately, there are a few problems that could be plaguing it. It could be due to a dying motor, but more than likely, it's due to the dryer being clogged with lint that isn't caught by your lint trap. The Lint Lizard attaches to your vacuum to help eliminate this problem, but how well does it work? Click Here for the Best Lint Lizard … [Read more...]

Mint Cleaner Review

Cleaning floors is a chore that no one looks forwards to, and even when you clean your best, there are still areas that can be difficult to reach with a vacuum or mop. Worse yet, some areas get dirty again and again, meaning you'll be back scrubbing sooner than you'd like. The Mint Cleaner aims to help fix these problems by doing all of the work for you. Click Here for the Best Mint Cleaner … [Read more...]

Swivel Sweeper Review

Keeping your home spotless can prove to be quite difficult, especially if your sweeper or broom never seems to work properly. Hard to reach messes can go unnoticed by regular sweepers and vacuums, and even more messes go uncleaned if your vacuum is simply too weak to pick them up. The Swivel Sweeper promises to end these cleaning woes, but is it really better than its competitors? Click Here for … [Read more...]

Magic Mesh Review

Of all the “As Seen on TV” products on the market, the Magic Mesh door cover might be one of the most promising. The idea is that the product acts as an instant screen door that prevents bugs from getting in, but allows people to walk in and out easily. So how does it stack up to its claims? Read on and find out. Click Here to go to the Manufacturer's Discount Offer Pros: Easy … [Read more...]