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GloveLite Flashlight

Have you ever had to work in the dark, on a home repair or DYI project? How easy was it for you to see what you were doing? How easily did you manage to balance a flashlight, tools, and other items? What if there was one product that could free up your hands, while also generate a sufficient amount of light for you to see what you’re doing? In comes the GloveLite Flashlight, an innovative As Seen … [Read more...]

Gray Away Spray Review

Root Touch-Ups with the Gray Away Spray Have you ever gone out on the town with embarrassing gray roots? If you have, you likely know that quickly touching up gray hair can be an arduous task. Dyeing your hair again takes a lot of time and effort and other options can bleed or accidentally wash out. The product Gray Away from www.grayaway.com is a new type of gray hair solution that doesn’t use … [Read more...]

Liquid Leather’s Premium Bumper Repair Kit Review

Fixing Your Damaged Bumper with Liquid Leather's Premium Bumper Repair Kit No matter how careful you are, more than likely you'll still wind up with accidental car damage at some point in your life. Whether you suffer a minor fender-bender or hit a railing in a parking lot, there's likely to be noticeable damage to your car. And in a lot of cases, your bumper takes the brunt of the damage. The … [Read more...]

XHose Review

A Detailed Look at the Expandable Xhose  Click Here for the BEST deal on the Xhose It isn't uncommon for hoses to bunch, knot and take up a huge amount of space, and that's why the makers of Xhose at www.xhose.com have designed a new kind of expandable hose that can eliminate these common issues. This unique hose expands when the water comes on and contracts when you turn it off, which makes … [Read more...]

Wipe New Review

Will Wipe New Make It Like New? If you're looking to spiff up your car's looks, you've probably heard of Wipe New by now. The product claims that you can use it on your exterior and interior to make you vehicle look almost factory new. And unlike competing polish products, it claims to be able to do so without repeated applications. But can this new car detailing product really replace your old, … [Read more...]

InstaHang Review

Some of the most common home improvement projects involve hanging things from the wall. Whether you're doing something as basic as hanging photos or something as complicated as installing a small shelf, you'll first likely need to hammer in nails. Nails, however, can lead to injuries, broken walls and massive holes. InstaHang uses a different system that is designed to make such projects a … [Read more...]

Magic Mesh Review

Of all the “As Seen on TV” products on the market, the Magic Mesh door cover might be one of the most promising. The idea is that the product acts as an instant screen door that prevents bugs from getting in, but allows people to walk in and out easily. So how does it stack up to its claims? Read on and find out. Click Here to go to the Manufacturer's Discount Offer Pros: Easy … [Read more...]

Heat Surge Review

Keeping your home warm during the winter months can be both costly and difficult. Many products claim to save you money while heating your home, but space heaters just don't seem to cut it, and using your home's heating system is just too expensive. The Amish-made Heat Surge mantles and heating units claim that they are different, promising to deliver real heat at an affordable cost. Click Here … [Read more...]

Fast Brite Review

If you've noticed that your headlights don't shine as bright lately, it's likely due to oxidation on the headlight lens. Cleaning with water and soap won't get rid of it, which has led to some paying for expensive replacement headlights unnecessarily. Fast Brite is a new solution that aims to quickly and cheaply remove oxidation, leading to brighter lights and a better overall appearance for your … [Read more...]

Flex Seal Review

Leaks are never a good thing, and often times they can lead to a lot of damage in a short amount of time. That's why sealing leaks as quickly as possibly is of the utmost importance. Flex Seal is a new solution to leaks all over the home. This review will take a critical look at this unique product to see just how effective it can be. Click Here to go to the Manufacturer's Discount … [Read more...]