Can the Spray Perfect Nail Spray Give A Perfect Manicure?

Have you ever tried to give yourself a manicure only to make a mess all over your nails and fingers? Or have you done a great job painting your nails only to smudge or dent the nail polish before it dried and as a result ruined your manicure? If so, you have to check out Spray Perfect! … [Read more...]

Use the iGrow Laser to Increase Hair Growth

According to the American Hair Loss Association, men and women in the United States spend around 4 BILLION dollars a year to treat hair loss. With so much money being spent there are numerous manufacturers looking to take advantage of those desperately seeking a way to combat their hair loss. Unfortunately, a majority of all products that are marketed as "hair loss remedies" are completely … [Read more...]

Check Out Our Simply Straight Hair Straightener Review

Simply Straight is a ceramic hair straightener that claims it will give you salon quality hair in half the time it takes with your regular flat iron and hairbrush. This As Seen on TV product boasts a lot, but does it deliver? Anytime you see a 2-in-1 product it raises a little doubt. Although using a flat iron takes time, if done right the results are good enough. But if you can do the same thing … [Read more...]

Discover Elite Hair Doctors in Our Hair Restoration Review

About a year ago I decided to do something about my hairloss and called Elite Hair. I researched hair restoration and the procedure that is used by Elite Hair Doctors turned out to be one of the best options that you can choose from. After reading Elite Hair Doctors reviews I set up a no-obligation consultation. It has now been 4 months since my procedure. While my new hair growth is still in the … [Read more...]

Hot Designs Nail Art Pen: Skip the Manicurist and Save $$$

Unless you've been living under a rock for awhile, you've probably noticed nail art. Nail art is the beautiful illustrations and designs created from nail polish on women's fingernails. While these designs look great, they can cost a pretty penny at the salon. This expense keeps some women from actually purchasing nail art for themselves. Fortunately, however, there's a new product that can let … [Read more...]

InStyler Rotating Hot Iron

Being able to change your hair as often and as varied as possible is to many women an essential part of expressing their personality. But since going to the salon as often as the mood strikes is not really an option – either in terms of time or in terms of the total costs – curling and straightening irons were invented. Among these, the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron was advertised as a high-power, … [Read more...]

Gray Away Root Concealer Review

Women who dye their hair know that it comes a time between two coloring sessions, which are not always cheap if done in professional beauty parlors, when the roots of their hair start showing the natural hair color as the hair grows. Of course, some women tried different solutions to get rid of this problem, by using all sorts of sprays and shampoos without the desired results. How many times did … [Read more...]

Air Curler Review

The Air Curler promises to achieve two desired goals by women the world over, in one fell swoop. This accessory, which attaches to one’s hair dryer, allegedly both dries and curls the user’s hair all at once. Its manufacturers say it is able to leave hair soft and tangle-free, without inflicting any damage to it, like most curling irons will do. It is also supposed to be compatible with numerous … [Read more...]

Bumpits Review

Ladies, wouldn’t you love it if your hair could stay in perfect shape all day long? Wouldn’t it be a dream come true, of sorts, if you could boast all the hair volume you need, day in and day out, irrespective of weather? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. On some days, there simply isn’t enough time to tease up your hair. Some types of hair will lose volume in a matter of seconds, … [Read more...]

Hot Huez Hair Chalk Review

Hot Huez Hair Chalk: Fun, Sassy, Chic When a person wants to add a pop of color to the hair, Hot Huez Hair Chalk is ideal. This unique product from changes hair from drab to fab in no time. It is safe, inexpensive, and simple to apply. It washes away with little effort, so it is a great way to try a trendy look without any consequences. It will make a person feel like a … [Read more...]