The Copper Fit Back Brace Pro Graded Review

After a certain age, not that far ahead, maybe even after the age of 25 if your genes or movement schedule enables it, you will start feeling some amount of back pain, first occasionally and then more often. While the intensity of the back pain doesn’t get really amplified until you’re usually well into your forties, the truth is that most of us will experience a progressive degree of back-related … [Read more...]

BeActive Brace for Sciatica Nerve Pain Review

At the moment, 80% of Americans suffer from back-pains. 40% of people all over the world have to endure sciatica nerve pain at some point in their life. For these people, simple actions like bending or walking become an absolute nightmare. Every doctor suggests something different. Chiropractors dismiss any type of alternative treatment while doctors treat the issue with pills. The truth is that … [Read more...]

Does the BeachBody 21 Day Fix Work?

Doctors and nutritionists agree, losing weight can be difficult. But, the right combination of healthy eating and exercise are key to successful weight loss. The trouble is that so many programs are just too hard to follow. Either they require that you go to regular, expensive meetings, eat special prepackaged meals, weigh/measure all your food, or that you participate in tedious exercise … [Read more...]

The Facial Toner Machine

Have you ever wondered why all those "miraculous" facial creams and lotions don't really make you look any younger? Even the best cared-for skin relies on the support of the muscles underneath. As we age, those muscles deteriorate and slacken. This leads to the face "falling" and contributes facial aging. To combat this tendency, we must exercise those muscles.  Unfortunately, that is easier said … [Read more...]

Improve Your Outlook with the iRenew Bracelet

I spend a lot of time on my feet each day. As I get older, I've found that I just don't feel as on the ball as I used to. Sure, I could drink coffee or energy drinks to feel better. But, I hate taking chemicals of any sort (whether in food or in medicine) to improve the way I feel. Still, I wanted to improve my productivity, so was looking for a solution. That's when I found the iRenew bracelet. … [Read more...]

A Modern Take on Ear Cleaning with Wax Vac

It's a fact of life that no one likes having dirty ears. And no matter how much we try to keep them clean, wax inevitably builds up in the ear. There are several tools that are meant to keep ears clean such as cotton swabs, but modern medicine now says that these tools can actually do more harm than good. The Wax Vac from is possibly the only completely safe ear-cleaning solution … [Read more...]

Ped Egg Review

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of a magic kit that gave your feet a professionally-looking pedicure right at home without all the fuss of making a reservation, going to the salon and having to pay quite a sum for each such session? Well, the Ped Egg seems to be the answer to this wish. As the name implies, it’s basically a quick pedi session in an egg (the tool itself is shaped like one). … [Read more...]

Easy Feet Foot Cleaner & Massager

When we are young, everything seems possible, but as we advance in age, trivial tasks like washing the dishes or picking up the newspaper from downstairs can become quite difficult. One of the most annoying things is not being able to bend over in the shower, to clean ones feet. With the Easy Feet Foot Cleaner & Massager this must not be a problem any longer. According to producers, this … [Read more...]

Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover

Many women and men out there are constant sufferers when it comes to their feet. Sore heels, dry skin, calluses, cracked and painful spots, they are all reasons to feel discomfort on a daily basis. Calluses, as a common problem, are especially painful, damaging and unpleasant, many women admitting to be ashamed to go for a pedicure because of them. In this context, a callus remover comes in handy … [Read more...]

Total Pillow Versatile Twist Pillow Review

The Total Pillow is an As Seen On TV product available in online stores, such as Ace Hardware, manufacturer’s web site, Amazon, as well as in local branches of Bed, Bath & Beyond. The main feature of this pillow is indeed its versatility, as it is a genuine shape shifter: it twists, folds, bends and locks into position, becoming a great neck, back and lumbar support depending on one’s needs. … [Read more...]