Millions Are Happy With Their Go Belt – Find Out Why You Will Be Too!

Have you ever been enjoying a wonderful vacation only to have someone pickpocket and steal your money, credit cards, or other valuables? Have you wished you have some sort of product that would keep your valuable items safe as you shop or travel? If so, the Go Belt may be the perfect solution for you! … [Read more...]

D Scope Pro Turns your Smartphone into a VR Headset for Just $17

"The D Scope Pro Cardboard Kit will transform your Android or Apple smartphone into a 3D virtual reality experience." Are you feeling a little cynical towards this statement? If you are be sure that others share your distrust and pessimism. And for all the skeptics I hear you loud and clear. Yes, it is a VR headset that is made of (ahem) cardboard, hence the $17 price tag. And yes, the 3D virtual … [Read more...]

Is the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote from Amazon a Homerun?

A few weeks back I saw the new Amazon Fire Tv Stick with Voice Remote and it got me thinking that it was time for me to update my hardware. I've had a Roku 2 XD for 4 years and it was beginning to show its age. I do have a Smart TV that has all of the built in streaming options but I find that it's too slow and sometimes just locks up during loads, so I don't even use it. The price of the new … [Read more...]

Should the Lock Wallet Replace Your Old Standard Wallet

If you've ever been the victim of identity theft or credit card fraud you know how frustrating it is. Recently I noticed that fraudulent charges had been made on my credit card. Luckily I was able to get my money back but it was a hassle. I had to call the credit card company, explain what happened, get a new card, and change my online passwords. I wish that I had used a product like the Lock … [Read more...]

Is the Polaroid Snap a Must Have Item for the Holidays?

I love this age of digital photography. Long gone are the days of carrying around a camera as we are able to instantly capture any given moment with our phones.  But the one thing that's lost is having a physical picture to hold on to. Sure we can print out our pictures at home or at the store, but be honest. Most of those pictures that you take are stored on your mobile device or home computer, … [Read more...]

Is the Colorama Coloring Book an Effective Stress Reliever?

  What are effective ways to relieve stress? Working out at the gym? A leisurely walk? Meditation? These are all great means to a calm and relaxing state of well being. In fact there are numerous ways to accomplish this. But what about coloring? The As Seen On TV product Colorama claims that relieving stress is as simple as that. Whether you've seen the Colorama commercial or not I'm here to … [Read more...]

The Car Valet Graded Review

Let me tell you why the Car Valet interested me in the first place. As a person who drives for at least 2 hours every day, I can truly say that the car I drive became more or less of a second home for me. I’m sure that most drivers can relate to this, especially if they drive for even longer distances than I do. Since we also have quite a lot of stuff to carry along with us (from a mobile phone or … [Read more...]

The Purse Pouch Purse Holder for your Automobile

If you’re a workaholic who always has to jump in the car a few times a day to run errands all around the city, you understand how stressful it can be to have to multitask all day long. You have to carry around a huge handbag with tons of papers, pens, keys, wallets and all sorts of necessary supplies to get all your tasks done, which usually end up spilling all over the back seat of your car. I’m … [Read more...]

Should I Buy Clever Grip Online?

Ever since the proliferation of smartphones, it’s pretty clear that their use has more or less taken over our lives. That is, of course, arguably bad because it makes us waste more time and supposedly alienates us, but if you look at it less pessimistically, anyone can see that the use of smartphones and social networks have actually made our lives much better and easier. Furthermore, despite what … [Read more...]

Grab Bags As Seen on TV Graded Review

Going shopping is to me as much of a pleasure and vice as it a necessity, and even if I try a more organized approach to it, it can still get pretty chaotic. With only two hands, it’s humanly impossible to handle your personal bag, your wallet, the shopping list or lists or the printed coupons and everything else necessary while also stuffing your shopping cart or grocery bags and also … [Read more...]