Graded Review of the Waterproof GoPro HERO

Going on an adventure? Want to post online videos of your hi-jinks and misadventures? Perhaps you harbor dreams of creating a popular, outdoor video diary on YouTube? To me, it sounds like you should look into the Waterfproof GoPro HERO. It can shoot up in the air, deep under the sea, from atop the highest mountains, or even attached to the grip of your electric guitar while you and your band … [Read more...]

The Magic Finder Lost Item Finder Graded Review

Don't you hate that feeling when you've misplaced your car keys, and you just can't seem to find them no matter how hard you look. Most of us car owners know what it’s like to not be able to find our keys right before we have to drive to something really important. I've also misplaced by mobile phone on more than one occasion and was unable to locate said devices when I needed it most. I'm sure … [Read more...]

Jeaneez Jeggings for Women Graded Review

All the ladies who want to be both comfortable and trendy know where it’s at: leggings. They’ve been super popular for several seasons now and fit easily into almost any style. Their stretchy fabric makes slipping in and out of them a breeze. The style of leggings work well if you want to hit the town, or stay casually tucked in indoors. Then again, most leggings lack that tailored look that jeans … [Read more...]

WhipTide Dual Deck Caster Carve Board Review

If you have children of your own, you probably worry about every little activity they do outside. This is especially the case with skateboards. All of that worrying probably causes most parents to prefer to not buy any items that they would brand as being a potential danger (like skateboards, bikes or rollerblades). What if we told you that there is one board that is safe, fun, and affordable all … [Read more...]

LullaPets The Musical Companions Review

We here at Graded Reviews know that raising a child is one of the most wondrous experiences in life; however, those of us who have been through parenting experiences also know that getting a child to fall asleep can sometimes turn into one of the biggest challenges. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know your little tyke is safe and sound asleep, lulled by soft, soothing sounds? Doesn’t the thought of … [Read more...]

Copper Fit Knee Sleeve Review

If you've ever been in a drugstore, you've probably seen elbow and knee braces available for sale. They all look a little bit different. The basic idea is the same: joints of your elbow and knee can easily be injured, weakened or damaged by everyday activity and exercise. Eventually, these parts become incredibly sensitive. A lot of people rely on these products, and they can be effective. They … [Read more...]

Can you Get Perfect Abs With The Kruncher?

We spend a lot of time working at our desks here at Graded Reviews. So, it's important that we find ways to get exercise in whenever we can. We recently searched for different types of convenient exercise equipment. The Kruncher really stood out from its competitors. Endorsed by Lee "The Sarge" Reherman, this simple exercise gadget claims to target the abs specifically. This is an area of the body … [Read more...]

The Facial Toner Machine

Have you ever wondered why all those "miraculous" facial creams and lotions don't really make you look any younger? Even the best cared-for skin relies on the support of the muscles underneath. As we age, those muscles deteriorate and slacken. This leads to the face "falling" and contributes facial aging. To combat this tendency, we must exercise those muscles.  Unfortunately, that is easier said … [Read more...]

Enjoy More “Me” Time This Summer with Grassology

All the neighbors on my block take a lot of pride in our homes: We keep our lawns trimmed and our gardens in good shape. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time. Sure, some of us have landscaping crews, but that gets really expensive. Still, I was shelling out a lot of money each month for a professional lawn service when a friend told me about Grassology. She saw Bob Vila on television talking … [Read more...]

Improve Your Outlook with the iRenew Bracelet

I spend a lot of time on my feet each day. As I get older, I've found that I just don't feel as on the ball as I used to. Sure, I could drink coffee or energy drinks to feel better. But, I hate taking chemicals of any sort (whether in food or in medicine) to improve the way I feel. Still, I wanted to improve my productivity, so was looking for a solution. That's when I found the iRenew bracelet. … [Read more...]