EZ Eyes Keyboard Review


The EZ Eyes Keyboard is an As Seen On TV product available in online stores, as well as on Amazon.  At a first glance it is a normal plug and play keyboard matching both PC and MAC operating systems without having to be installed with the aid of special software, but what is truly new about it is the buttons, imprinted with very large letters (four times larger than on usual keyboards), in a black … [Read more...]

Brainetics Review


Brainetics Review: A New Way to Learn For kids and adults alike, learning and mastering math skills can be difficult. For some, certain tasks just seem too daunting to even begin learning, much less master. Much of this fear and self-doubt comes from not knowing how to process information properly, and the Brainetics system aims to help people of all ages retrain their brains to make learning fun … [Read more...]