Chop Magic Food Chopper

chop-magic People who cook regularly know that the largest amount of time in the cooking process is wasted in the preparation period, when you have to clean, chop, slice and dice all the ingredients to have them ready for being turned into a delicious meal. But not everybody is so fond of this routine, as many have an increased sensitivity and actually suffer when chopping onions, for instance, while others, like elders for instance, don’t have enough strength to cut raw, hard vegetables with a knife and have them cubed or minced properly. A kitchen device that would help anybody to just have all their vegetables cut and diced with only a push, with no mess and a lot of saved time would be amazing, and here we have the Chop Magic Food Chopper, a product marketed for its great abilities to get your raw veggies all sliced and diced in seconds with the help of its sharp blades, pusher and the 6 cup container.


  • The Chop Magic Food Chopper is marketed as being provided with powerful sharp blades that will go through anything, from onions to potatoes, chopping them with surgical precision in mere seconds and allowing the user to keep the pieces together in the container.
  • It provides users with a higher degree of safeness in comparison with traditional knife and board chopping or slicing
  • It saves peoples’ time when preparing the ingredients that are about to be cooked
  • The product is marketed as being dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • It allows people with less strength (like elders and even teenagers) to prepare the cooking ingredient with no effort


  • The Chop Magic Food Chopper comes with some blades that supposedly cut, chop, dice and slice vegetables, but the blades are dull and don’t get the vegetable cubed nowhere near the presented images
  • While the product is marketed as being of high quality, there are a bunch of customers who had the blades broken and damaged after the first use.
  • Given the fact that the blades are not sharp at all, it is very hard for even well – built customers to use the product (as they had to push the veggies with significant strength), let alone elders or younger people.

Chop Magic Food Chopper: What is it?

chop magic Chop Magic Food Chopper is an As Seen on TV product available by calling the number on your TV screen or by online purchasing via Amazon and other online retailers. The product is marketed as a great kitchen gadget that helps people save time with preparing the vegetables for cooking (as it is marketed as able to cube, chop, slice and dice all raw vegetables), ease their work and obtain symmetrical,  perfectly shaped pieces of vegetables (using the knife and board method doesn’t guarantee all the small pieces will have the same size and shape) and contain the final result in a plastic container, thus avoiding the usual mess.

How Well Does the Chop Magic Food Chopper Work?

According to the customers, the product doesn’t work at all and the word “rip – off” was heavily mentioned. Its low quality goes beyond the dull blades and reaches design and building issues, as the materials are cheap and the blades break upon first use. The only usable part of the product seems to be the container, for storing kitchen products.

Potential Drawbacks

chop magic Since healthy adults had major issues in using the dull blades (as not even an onion gets chopped the way it should without major pushing, while a tomato gets squashed instead of sliced), the marketed “time saving” and “easiness to use” are in truth false. Elders and teenagers will have better results if they stick to the traditional knife and board chopping routine. The product is quite hard to clean, even manually, as tiny bits of vegetables get stuck in the blades.

Is the Chop Magic Food Chopper Good for You?

Seeing how many people felt disappointed about the product and even robbed of their money, the balance inclines to recommend you not to buy this item. There are surely similar products that work the way they are supposed to and if you really want to invest in such kitchen gadget, our advice is to look deeper into the matters before purchasing one.

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