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Comfortisse Bra Review

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Finding a perfect bra can be one of the most challenging fashion endeavors a woman can face. From underwires that uncomfortably dig in, or straps that fall or pinch, being comfortable in a bra can be nearly impossible. One product that claims to offer women a perfect, comfortable fit is the Comfortisse Bra. Is this bra truly the perfect fit for you, or is it just another disappointment?

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comfortisse braPros:

  • Available in many colors
  • Offers full support
  • No uncomfortable underwire
  • Stretches to your form
  • Seamless Italian design


  • Only available in one style
  • Not sold in stores

What is the Comfortisse Bra?

On the surface, the Comfortisse Bra performs the same function as any bra in that it provides lift and support for use with any outfit. What makes this bra different, however, is that is has been especially designed to be extremely comfortable regardless of your bra size or body type. This is accomplished by forgoing thin shoulder straps and underwires, and instead providing support with a unique design that hugs the body. Each bra is engineered with Italian loom construction that also makes each bra completely seamless.

The Comfortisse Bra comes in several different colors including black, nude, white, blue, lilac and deep pink. Every bra is designed to minimize the appearance back and underarm fat as well. Regardless of the color, every bra comes in the same style and design. It is available in several sizes all corresponding to whatever shirt or blouse size you wear. Every bra is also made from completely machine-washable materials that leave each garment easy to clean.

Features and Benefits

As the name suggests, the biggest feature touted by the Comfortisse Bra is that it is “the most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear.” Ultimately, this statement can be a bit difficult to judge because every woman has different preferences when it comes to how they want their bras to fit. It is telling then that in almost every case that it does live up to these claims. Without an underwire or straps digging into your shoulders, you can move around in nearly any position and still feel comfortable and supported.

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One of the big differences between this bra and others is that it is generously stitched to fit under the arms and chest in a way that makes your entire upper-body feel secure and comfortable. Some users even said they could sleep in the bra comfortably, something that says a lot about just how unobtrusive the bra really is in many cases.

One of the other great points about the bra is that it comes in a wide variety of colors. It is truly disappointing when you find a piece of clothing you love and it only comes in one or two colors, but with the Comfortisse Bra, this isn’t an issue. Not only does it come in six different colors, three of these colors (white, black, and nude) are almost a necessity for being able to match your bra to your outfit. With this being a non-issue, those that truly love this bra won’t have to ever worry about not having the perfect color to wear.

Lastly, the quality of the material used in the bra is another point in which the product shines. Each bra is made using seamless Italian loom construction, which leaves every garment not only feeling comfortable, but also leaves it feeling strong and durable. The high-quality materials used in each garment also provide a nice amount of elasticity and stretchiness that allows each bra to fit to the body in a way that other bras cannot. From the construction to the materials used, every part of the bra seems to have been given the utmost attention to detail.

Issues and Concerns

The Comfortisse Bra is almost certainly one of the best bras available, but there are some points in which there is room for improvement. For one, while the bra comes in several different colors, it is only available in one style. Part of this may be due to the fact that it is engineered in a specific way to provide superior comfort and support, but it is still a bit disappointing to not have more style options.

One of the other minor issues with the product is that it is only available online. While this is an extremely minor complaint, it would be nice to be able to pick up some extra bras from the store rather than waiting for them to arrive from the official site.

Deals and Offers

Those of you that are looking for special deals on the Comfortisse Bra are in luck, as the official store for the product frequently holds different promotions for those looking to stock up on bras. The most recent offer, as an example, saw the site offering customers nine bras for the price of three. This included two each of the black, nude and white bras, and one each of the “fashion” colors.

comfortisse bra review

Other special offers may be in place in the future, but one that will likely stay the same is that every order includes a 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to try the bra to make sure it is the right fit for you.

Is it Worth Buying?

For most clothing items, it is hard to recommend something universally as everyone has different ideas about what is comfortable, stylish, or personally flattering. The Comfortisse Bra, however, seems to be universally comfortable regardless of the woman wearing it. While it is possible that the bra may not suit you, there is a much better chance that you will find it to be a great choice. It isn’t a perfect bra of course, but it does seem to offer unique solutions to many of the most common bra complaints. Not to mention that if you do decide the bra isn’t the right fit for you, you always have the option of returning it within thirty days.