The Copper Fit Back Brace Pro Graded Review

After a certain age, not that far ahead, maybe even after the age of 25 if your genes or movement schedule enables it, you will start feeling some amount of back pain, first occasionally and then more often. While the intensity of the back pain doesn’t get really amplified until you’re usually well into your forties, the truth is that most of us will experience a progressive degree of back-related discomfort throughout our lives. This is precisely the reason for which products such as the Copper Fit Back Pro are so popular as soon as they’re released on the market: any opportunity to ease some of this discomfort is more than welcome. The only question that remains is whether the product (in this case, a compression brace for your back) really works. I tried it and also did a bit of research online to see what the other Copper Fit reviews had to say and this was the conclusion I reached: the product does indeed work.

What Is the Copper Fit Back Pro?

The Copper Fit Back Pro is a back brace designed to alleviate any discomfort in your lower back area and support it for best performance during your workday or training schedule and so on (from the same company which offers the knee sleeve as well). The compression brace looks like a wide, elastic belt made of a stretch fabric, with two copper wires overarching all across the back area. The Copper Fit compression brace is designed to feel like a cushion and a support system all in one to your lower back area, effectively preventing back pain. The product is also adjustable via its straps, which makes the wear more effective by providing each wearer with a perfectly fitting tight compression. The brace also offers some anti-moisture properties that help prevent excessive sweat and bad odors. I found that this feature actually works for me and is particularly useful during work-outs.

How Copper Fit Back Pro Eases Back Pain?

The designers of Copper Fit Pro Back Brace claim the user should be able to experience increased mobility because the compression wear will help eliminate a significant portion of the discomfort. 

It is highly recommended that you consult with your physician about back brace support based on your specific diagnosis. Back supports do not permit users to be hard on their back. The back brace is not likely treating your sore back but only managing the symptoms. Remember, there are many causes of lower back pain, from sciatica to slipped discs. Because of this, the compression supplied by Copper Fit Back may not be right for everyone.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Copper Fit Back Pro

The main advantages of the brace are as follows:

  • The compression brace is sturdy, yet light-weight, and all you will feel during its wear is a cushion-like comfort.
  • The brace is indeed effective in preventing back pain, especially if you used to feel pain during exercise or post-workouts.
  • The price per Copper Fit piece is relatively low for the niche.
  • The copper wires infusing the stretch fabric reduce and prevent the odor which usually results from tight clothing during workouts. The fabric also has antibacterial properties, so it won’t simply reduce or block the smell, but it will also keep away bacterial infections, rashes, funguses or similar problems which may usually occur from tight sports clothing.
  • The belt looks like a piece of pro sports equipment and will make you feel active and powerful. It comes in just one color option for now, but it’s gender-neutral (black). You can wear it to the gym without feeling conscious about your back brace.

Where to Buy this Back Brace

The Copper Fit belt can be found on Amazon. It may actually be very useful to buy two so you can wash and change them more often if you plan on using them daily, as it would be recommended. 

The Final Word on the Copper Fit Back Pro

If you’re struggling with some degree of recurring back pain yourself, but you’re still in doubt about compression products, my recommendation is to buy the brace. Its performance will be more than enough to convince you it’s worth it. Your back will be more or less free of pain (except the occasional injury or strain from working out too intensely) and your levels of comfort will be dramatically increased. A sensitive and achy back shouldn’t mean leading an exceedingly cautious and sedentary life; with a compression brace such as Copper Fit, maintaining your full mobility and an active lifestyle won’t be a problem anymore.

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  1. I attempted to purchase a Copper Fit Back Brace. The AD states that it is for all body types however when I contacted the company the brace is not designed for over large individuals. I wear 22-24 size and was informed that the current brace would not fit me. I feel the company needs to state that the brace does not fit everyone. If I had gone by the information in the AD and just brought the brace I would have been very disappointed.

    • Graded Reviews says

      Hey, Cecelia. Thank you so much for following the site. You’re absolutely right in that the manufacturer should mention that this brace may not fit every body type. That’s really disappointing. But, we’re glad that you came away from this with a relatively positive experience and didn’t have to discover this size limitation the hard way. Perhaps in the future, they will manufacture a larger sized brace.

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