As Seen On TV DAP 25′ X-Hose Expanding Hose Review

DAP 25' X-Hose Expanding Hose 1The DAP 25′ X-Hose Expanding Hose is an As Seen On TV product available in online stores such as DAP XHose website, as well as on Amazon.  It is indeed a hose with the interesting feature of being able to expand 3 times its size when the water is running and to retract to only 9’ in size when the water is turned off. It contracts back to the minimum length in a few seconds, it is light and easy to use, and more importantly, easy to store and carry. The material it is produced of allows the hose not to twist, tangle or kink and to practically fit any needs of watering large and small areas alike. It consists in two hoses, actually, a tough interior one and a foldable exterior one that allow the entire system to expand and retract fast and the overall weight is less than one pound, making it suitable for transportation. Read our DAP 25’ X-Hose Expanding Hose review below to find out if the product actually does work, or if it’s all about the clever infomercial!


–          It is very practical for gardeners and people who need to finish agricultural or gardening task fast and easy

–          Since it has the expand – retract feature that is dependent on the water running through the hose, it saves a lot of time as it doesn’t twist or tangle during usage.

–          Because it is light weighted, it can be easily stored and transported


–          It breaks easily due to poor fitting of the inner tube

–          The plastic fittings don’t hold for a long time as they start to crack or leak water

–          The fabric material seems to tear apart very easily, determining water spills and leakages

–          If the hose, the fittings or the material breaks and tears, there is likely to have a replacement rather than a refund. Sometimes the replacements break down too quite fast and with surprising effectsDAP 25' X-Hose Expanding Hose 2

DAP 25′ X-Hose Expanding Hose: What Is It?

The DAP 25′ X-Hose Expanding Hose is an expandable – retractable water hose used to water large garden areas or was cars more comfortably, as it is light weighted and doesn’t tangle or kink. People with arthritis appreciated this product very much as it is easy to handle, store and carry and doesn’t take an extra effort to fold into place, as it retracts by itself. It consists of two tubes, the exterior one being folded and plastic fittings.

How Well Does the DAP 25′ X-Hose Expanding Hose Work?

Users who bought and used the product, as well as an online DAP 25’ X-Hose Expanding Hose review we came across, speak about having a lot of problems when using the hose, at least after the first uses. There are reports on the plastic fittings cracking, breaking or even exploding when the water pressure is too high, or the hose material being too vulnerable to tears and scratches that come inherently in a garden or in a garage, leading to the hose leaking, spilling or spewing water all over the place. However, the few who didn’t complain about the poor quality of the manufacturing, fitting and building of the hose, admitted it was a useful instrument due to its expandability feature and the overall light weight.

Potential Drawbacks

DAP 25' X-Hose Expanding Hose 3The drawbacks most commonly expressed in more than just one DAP 25’ X-Hose Expanding Hose review speak about malfunctions and surprising tears and fitting breaks and cracks. Some consumers complained about not being able to get a refund, but receiving a replacement for the broken hose, which also broke in a little while. There are reviewers stating that they had even the second or third replacements breaking and tearing apart in the same way and with the exact same consequences.

Is the DAP 25′ X-Hose Expanding Hose good for you?

The general conclusion regarding the DAP 25′ X-Hose Expanding Hose is that it is a useful product if the small but important malfunctions were to be fixed. The plastic fittings and the vulnerability of the exterior material wasn’t something that people would appraise. However, the idea of having an expandable, easy to carry, to store and to use hose, suitable even for people with arthritis deserves attention. While the idea is good and people appreciate this type of hose, there are the drawbacks that keep them from appreciating it at its right value. Even if the price is affordable, buying something that breaks down after a few uses isn’t a reason for people to appreciate the other product’s qualities.


  1. I have had two of these types hose bust. if you are a little old lady that pulls the hose ten feet across grass it’s OK but keep it away from any type to brick, concreat or sharp edges. This is not a good product for the average home. It is not durable enough for the most basic home jobs.

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