Derm Exclusive Review

Can Derm Exclusive Really Give You Visibly Younger Skin?

One of the worst, yet inevitable, parts of aging is the fact that our skin starts to sag, wrinkle and dry. Overall, our skin can show our age or worse; make us look older than we really are. One option is to turn to plastic surgery, but this is dangerous and expensive. Other options include one of several beauty products, but very few really work. The Derm Exclusive kit from is a full suite of anti-aging products that work together to visibly reduce aging. Is it worth the cost, though?


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– Choose from three different kits to fit your budget and skincare needs

– Includes multiple products that work in tandem to deliver unparalleled results

– Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, dead skin, dark spots and more

– Cheaper than plastic surgery or a trip to the spa

– Works quickly and is easy to apply

– Can make you look younger after multiple treatments


– Results may not be as dramatic as what plastic surgery can provide

What Is It? 

The Derm Exclusive kit includes a suite of four products that work in combination with each other to reduce or eliminate many of the worst signs of aging. Developed in part by Dr. Ordon, well-known for his role on TV’s “The Doctors,” these products aim to provide results that are close to what you’d get with plastic surgery only without the cost, recovery time and potential dangers. Over just 30 days, you can see dramatic results in the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, circles under your eyes and more. You even have the choice of buying more products if you need further help in improving your appearance.

Available in three different kits, Derm Exclusive relies on four main components to get the job done in rejuvenating the appearance of your skin. The first product is a Fill & Freeze Pen that fluffs up the lines on your face while attacking wrinkles and circles. This is accomplished through the use of Myoxinol and Argireline peptides that can loosen muscles in the face, UGL Complex that helps moisturize and Matrixyl 3000 which increase the production of collagen. The second product is a set of Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads that act as a kind of mini face-peel. This is accomplished through the use of multiple acids that exfoliate and clear away dead skin. The third product is the Intensive Repair System which helps repair damaged skin and corrects dark spots. This is due to the use of Roxisome, Photosomes, and Ultrasomes which work on improving your skin’s natural ability to repair damage. The last product is Collagen Lift, which boosts the skin’s collagen production to provide a more natural alternative to a collagen injection. These four products come in a 30-day supply in the basic kit along with a second bonus Fill & Freeze Pen. The supply is increased to 90 days in the Advanced Collection, along with the bonus Fill & Freeze Pen, a free travel bag plus free shipping. The Ultimate Collection includes everything in the Advanced Collection plus a set of three bonus products including SPF 15 Lip Therapy, Facial Cleanser and SPF 30 Age Defense Moisturizer.

How Well Does It Work?

If you’re unhappy with the way your skin looks, then you should absolutely start with the Derm Exclusive kit before anything else. The creators of this kit know that you just can’t rejuvenate skin with only one beauty product, and that’s why it uses four distinctive products to attack aging from every possible angle. It’s almost like getting a chemical peel, a collagen injection and a complete spa treatment all in one package. In just 30 days time, you’ll see amazing results that make your skin look younger, brighter and clearer than ever before. The more you use it, the better your skin will look. And when you throw in the three products included in the Ultimate Collection, these results are magnified many times over.

Something that really helps set the Derm Exclusive kit apart from its competition is the fact that it is the most affordable plastic surgery alternative on the market. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on expensive treatments that take days or weeks to recover from, you can simply use a set of soothing creams and scrubs to get great results fast. It’s even cheaper than a trip to the spa, plus you don’t even have to make an appointment! The results probably won’t be as severe as what you’d get with plastic surgery, but they will look much more natural and are a lot more affordable. And since you have three kits to choose from, you can always find a kit that fits your budget.

Potential Drawbacks

Using Derm Exclusive is unlike any beauty experience you’ve had before, but there is one minor drawback of using the product. It really isn’t as much of a drawback as much as it is that some people may have too lofty of expectations when using the product due to its reputation as a “plastic surgery alternative.” While it does offer results that rival that of plastic surgery, these results won’t be nearly as dramatic. You won’t suddenly look like a different person, just a younger version of yourself. This also comes without the major cost and potential dangers you’d encounter with plastic surgery, so this could be thought of as a good thing.

Is It Right For You?

Looking in the mirror as you age doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience, and thanks to Derm Exclusive, you may even look forward to seeing your reflection in the morning. The four products included in this kit are simply stunning in their ability to reduce and sometimes eliminate multiple signs of aging. If you use this product, you may never have to deal with severe dark spots, circles or wrinkles ever again. And at a significantly more affordable price than plastic surgery, you really can’t lose in giving this product a try.

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