Dutch Glow Review

My new apartment is really cool: The best thing about it? Wood floors. I’ve got a few area rugs to break things up, but the floors look great with my antique furniture. The only trouble is keeping all this wood clean: I was waxing on a regular basis, plus doing touch-ups with dusting sprays, but the more I used those products, the dirtier everything got.

Out of desperation, I decided to buy a new product called “Dutch Glow“. The website claimed that it was a polish, not a wax, and that it would take care of my wood floors and furniture without creating build-up. Since I’ve begun using it, my home looks great and I’m spending a lot less time cleaning. Plus its BOGO right now!

What I Like About Dutch Glow

Dutch Glow isn’t a wax or a silicone spray. It’s an Amish wood milk that penetrates and protects your wood furniture and surfaces while cleaning them.Dutch Glow

The difference between the Dutch Glow and other waxes and sprays is significant: Wax and silicone build-up over time and because they leave a residue, they attract dust and grime. This means that you are stuck in a never-ending cycle of cleaning.  

In fact, it can remove the sticky residue left behind by other products, while also taking care of dirt, dust and water rings. Plus, Dutch Glow gives your furniture, floors and cabinets a beautiful, natural shine.

Possible Drawbacks

Dutch Glow is designed to clean wood, not other materials. If you are looking for a multipurpose cleaner, this isn’t it. Though I’d point out that wood often needs special treatment anyway, so Dutch Glow is probably worth the investment.

Finding Dutch Glow

Try the official website of Dutch Glow: You’ll get a money-back guarantee in case the product doesn’t work for you. You’ll also get an opportunity to choose some free bonuses: In addition to the spray bottle of Dutch Glow, you’ll also get a second bottle with a different type of applicator that’s suitable for floors. . .plus a free polishing cloth. Just pay extra shipping and handling for the bonuses.

Dutch Glow

Dutch Glow – Final Word

If you have wood floors, cabinets or furniture, give Dutch Glow a try and see how it compares to other wood cleaners. You may be completely surprised, just as I was!


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