The Graded Review of the Eggstractor Egg Peeler

Today’s As Seen on TV product review is for the Eggstractor, marketed via infomercial as an egg peeler and an all too fitting product (given the fact that Easter is soon approaching). As far as I remember from my childhood, Easter is supposed to be a fun time when you and the family focus on decorating, celebrating, and (of course) eating tons of delicious home cooked foods. I thought that this year an egg peeling machine would come in handy. With the kids in the family having grown up past the point where they can’t be trusted to help in the kitchen, an automatic egg peeler sounded like a good idea. It would help us all save time, enjoy a lot of healthful protein in our meals and perhaps even help us all unwind by saving on the time spent in the kitchen. So, what do you think? Do you think it works? Read on to find out how it worked out for me.

EggstractorWhat Is the Eggstractor Egg Peeler?

This is an As Seen on TV automatic egg peeler which promises to help you get rid of those pesky egg shells on your boiled eggs in ten times less time it would take you to peel them by hand. Its manufacturers explain that it works by drilling a small hole into the small end of the egg and thus cracking the shell in virtually no time. All you need to do is position the egg, smaller end down, over the top of the Eggstracting hole, tap lightly – and, presto! Your egg peeling machine will deliver a naked egg. The offer includes a free egg cooker, as well as a recipe for egg-based recipes to help you incorporate all that healthy protein into your meals. Think deviled eggs, eggs with caviar, egg delight, egg trifle, and so much more.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Eggstractor Egg Peeling Machine

I really hoped the Eggstractor would work. I started harboring some doubts the second I hit up some major online vendors and checked out the reviews. Unfortunately, most of the negative experiences described by other users did hold true for me as well. So here’s what happens:

  • The machine takes some getting used to. Some online reviewers of egg peeler state they did eventually figure out how to make it work. Most of them, however, recount spending up to half an hour (and at least 6 eggs) trying to get it right. They never did and eventually resorted to peeling their eggs by hand.
  • Even those who did manage to get the Eggstractor to work admit it took some getting used to. Also, they draw attention to the fact that the egg needs to be placed right over the Eggstracting hole and that a hole must be pierced through the egg’s inner skin, too.
  • Those who have had success with the machine say the plastic wears off after a while. I don’t think I’ll ever get that far, so I’m going to trust them on this one.
  • Finally, most reviewers agreed they gave up on the egg peeler and let it sit at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet after a while.

Where to Buy the Eggstractor

If you still want to give the Eggstractor a shot, I suggest you buy it from the official website. It costs $14.99, plus $7.99 for postage and handling. You also get a free recipe book, plus the chance to buy the four-slot egg cooker from the same manufacturer. Add one extra round of P&H and you get a second model at no extra charge. You could try an alternative competitor such as the Rosle Egg Cracker/Topper. Despite the premium price of this egg separator, many reviewers reported having a far easier time with the Rosle than any other product.

The Final Word for the Eggstractor

All in all, you’re better of trying other quick peel methods rather than this model. Some recommend boiling the eggs in water with some baking soda added to it, if you want a homemade alternative to the automatic egg peeler. Others say you can bake the eggs in a muffin tin at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, then put them in ice water for an additional 10 minutes – the peel will come right off. Finally, most reviewers agree that this machine is made of cheap plastic that should probably no longer be sold today. If you do want to purchase an egg separator, you’re better off checking out the Rosle.


  1. Terry Babcock says

    I purchased one–actually, they sent me two–and this does not work. We boiled 8 eggs and it managed to work [sort of] for two. Nothing like the demonstration on TV. I promptly returned both gadgets to the company.

    • Graded Reviews says

      Yeah, I felt the same way for the most part. It only ‘sort of’ works and very sporadically. We weren’t pleased with the results to say the least.

  2. Valerie martorell says

    This gadget does not work and the Lilys as seen on TV store does not give refunds. A waste of $15.

  3. Irene Newlin says

    I bought one at the Dollar Tree in December. I really hoped that it would work, as our family loves
    deviled eggs. Every 4th of July I make 5 dozen (144). We read all the instructions prior to boiling eggs, used the ice bath, poked the hole, everything. I guess there is a reason why the instructions keep saying
    “try again”. After 12 eggs and still nothing, I peeled the eggs and thru I the gadget away. Glad I only spent $1.00.

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