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EZ Eyes Review

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Eyesight problems are common for people around the world, and even with glasses, certain everyday tasks can be a chore. One such task is using the computer, and while fonts and images on your screen can be enlarged, the print on your keyboard remains as tiny as ever. The EZ Eyes keyboard offers a large print alternative that aims to help, but can it really do the trick?

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ez eyesPros:

  • Large print and high contrast
  • Compatible with PC and Mac computers
  • Compatible with laptops and netbooks
  • Standard QWERTY key placement
  • Spill resistant


  • Only one color available
  • No wireless option

What is EZ Eyes?

EZ Eyes is a keyboard for your computer but with a very big difference. Unlike the typical keyboards you find in stores, this keyboard has been specially designed to be useful for those with poor eyesight. This is accomplished in two ways. First, the print on this keyboard is close to four times the size of that on a regular keyboard. This makes the letters on each key much easier to see, especially if you are nearsighted. Secondly, the keyboard has been designed to be high contrast, which makes the letters easier to distinguish. Black print is placed on bright yellow keys to allow every letter to pop, so even in low light the different keys can be distinguished easily.

Other than these major improvements, everything else about the EZ Eyes keyboard should be familiar to anyone who uses a computer. Since it uses a USB cable to connect to your PC or Mac computer, no special installation or CD’s are required to get the device running. After it is connected, it works automatically. The key placement is in the standard QWERTY formation as well, meaning users won’t have to retrain their hands while typing. It can even be used with a laptop or netbook as long as it has an open USB port. It also features a unique spill resistant design that allows it to function even after being doused with water or other liquids.

Features and Benefits

The most apparent benefit of using EZ Eyes is that it allows anyone, regardless of age, to have a more accessible keyboard. While the elderly and others with vision problems will certainly benefit the most from having easier to read keys, the keyboard can still be a huge help to anyone. For children just learning to read, for instance, the bigger keys makes finding a particular letter much easier. Even those with perfect eyesight may find themselves suddenly unable to find a key after a long night of hard work, and the bright yellow and large print can help alleviate this issue as well.

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For most people the near universal compatibility of the device is a major positive as well. Many keyboards can come with complicated system requirements or hard to understand installation instructions. This isn’t the case with EZ Eyes. Both Mac and PC users can use the device simply by plugging the cord into an open USB port. There isn’t any compatibility confusion that normally comes with buying a computer peripheral. This makes it especially handy as a product for those that may be new to computers, such as the elderly.

Spill resistance and an overall quality build are also high points for EZ Eyes. Unlike a regular keyboard, water can be spilled on the device and it will just roll off, allowing the keyboard to continue functioning. Spills are a constant worry for some, and with this feature, they need not be. The durable plastic construction and clear printing on the keys means that the keyboard can last for years with no loss in quality. This makes it a great choice as a kid’s keyboard as they tend to be much harder on electronic devices, especially when it comes to messes and spills.

Issues and Concerns

EZ Eyes is a very well-made device, but there are some factors that customers may want to consider before they make their purchase. The first is that the yellow keys may be off-putting to some, and it is currently the only color that is offered. This does give the device the high-contrast look that helps make the keys easier to see, however, so it does serve a greater purpose in the long term. Secondly, the device currently isn’t available in a wireless version. This is likely due to the fact that this would make the device more complicated to install for some users, and accessibility was obviously what this keyboard was primarily designed for. While these facts are hardly major issues, they are worth noting.

ez eyes reviewsSales and Deals

If you do decide to purchase EZ Eyes, you’ll likely want to try and get the best price or deal you can on the product. Since it doesn’t seem to be available in brick and mortar stores at the moment, this may prove a bit difficult. The official website, however, does seem to be the best place to buy at the moment as they currently are offering a buy one, get one free offer. They’re also bundling in a free mouse, so you’re essentially getting four products for the price of one. These offers do tend to change regularly, however, so if you see a deal that looks especially promising to you, don’t hesitate to make a purchase.


While EZ Eyes may not be the perfect keyboard for everyone, it does offer a host of accessibility benefits that just aren’t available in most competing products. With high contrast, large print keys and a no-hassle installation, it is one of the most accessible keyboards available. It definitely will be helpful to those who have poor eyesight and struggle reading the comparatively tiny print of a normal keyboard. And since EZ Eyes is spill resistant and fairly durable, it should withstand most normal wear and tear with ease. If you’re looking for an easy to read keyboard, this is one you should definitely keep in mind.