EZ Pockets Review

ez-pockets-review01The EZ Pockets EZ-1000 promises to make baking a breeze – not to mention the fact that it adds a definite element of cute into the pie-making equation. And what could possibly appeal more to the baking masses than a kit that delivers miniature pies, pockets, pastry, and just about any type of baked dough goods? Nothing, you say? This EZ Pockets review says the baking kit has a lot going for it, including a recipe guide and handbook, but looks into whether or not the product actually delivers on its promise of adding simplicity, variety, and fun to the culinary adventure that is baking.


–          Cooks evenly

–          Easy to clean

–          Non-stick surface


–          Very small

–          Doesn’t work as expected with some types of dough

–          Suitable as novelty product, but not for serious baking chores

What Is EZ Pockets?

The EZ Pockets EZ-1000 is a four-piece baking kit, which is delivered with a tray for six pocket pies (triangle shaped) and one for twelve such pies (square-shaped). The kit also includes a tool for cutting or trimming extra dough, as well as a recipe book and instruction manual. As advertised, the product is best used with pre-made dough, be it for pies, pizzas, or stuffed pastry products. The producers claim you can successfully bake meat pockets, pot pie, bisque, calzone, fruit and cream pies, or tuna melts with the EZ Pockets. The baking kit is also accompanied by a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Features and Benefitsez-pockets-review03

There is more than just one EZ Pockets review available online which says this baking kit delivers on most of the promises it makes. For one thing, it is manufactured out of heavy gauge steel, which allows the pockets and biscuits to come out evenly baked. For another, users and reviewers say it is, indeed, easy to clean and the surface helps the pockets not to stick. Furthermore, as many buyers have noted, the tray is especially useful when baking with ready-made dough – the crust will come out just as advertised, whether you’re making fruit pies, pastry out of phylo dough, or biscuits. Many professional bakers have used it with good results, while domestic ones say it’s a great product to use with children, who will appreciate its diminutive size.

Issues and Concerns

ez-pockets-review02There is at least one EZ Pockets review out there that addresses the kit’s non-stick quality critically. According to said user, the tray will, indeed, prevent the baked goods from sticking, but only when the baker uses a substantial amount of non-stick spray on it (or any other type of fat). Some reviews have also expressed concern over the quality of the product. Die-hard baking fans have experimented with various types of dough and said the EZ Pockets tray doesn’t work that well with pizza dough. Others, still, decried the fact that the tray is not deep enough to accommodate enough filling. Consequently, the pockets and biscuits it makes will not be enough to satisfy the hunger of the person eating them – one online EZ Pockets review says one person can easily eat four such pockets at a time.

The Verdict

While there are both positive and negative reviews of this As-Seen-on-TV product available, the verdict seems to be positive, at least where this EZ Pockets review is concerned. Sure, the baking kit won’t help you with baking for an army (or a large, hungry party, for that matter), but it comes in handy when making hors d’oeuvres or small canapés. It’s fun, it’s as easy to clean as the infomercial claims, it’s perfect for your little ones – and it’s especially good if you’re into novelty baking.

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