Fast Brite Review

If you’ve noticed that your headlights don’t shine as bright lately, it’s likely due to oxidation on the headlight lens. Cleaning with water and soap won’t get rid of it, which has led to some paying for expensive replacement headlights unnecessarily. Fast Brite is a new solution that aims to quickly and cheaply remove oxidation, leading to brighter lights and a better overall appearance for your car.

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Fast BritePros:

  • Fast acting
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Makes headlights look new
  • Increased safety


  • Dripping may occur
  • Some scrubbing required
  • Shipping sometimes takes 2-4 weeks

What is Fast Brite?

Fast Brite is a special solution that is used to remove the oxidation that builds up on the lens of a car’s headlight. Since this oxidation can’t be removed under normal circumstances, the special liquid polish is designed specifically to attack and remove this oxidation in a quick and effective manner. Once applied, headlights will again be able to shine brightly through the lens.

While the main attraction of Fast Brite is the polish, it’s actually a set of three products that work together to repair and remove oxidation damage. The first product is of course the 2 oz. bottle of unique liquid polish. This polish is applied to the headlight by a specially designed scrubbing sponge, which acts as the second part of the set. Lastly, a third bottle of 2 oz. protecting solution is included. This last part of the set is designed to prevent yellowing and oxidation from coming back.

Benefits and Features

Fast Brite is a truly unique product in that it can remove yellowing, oxidation and tough dirt that prevents your headlights from shining properly. Before this product was released, the only real solution to restoring headlights to proper working order was to replace it entirely. While this solution works, it is very costly and time-consuming, with some auto shops charging upwards of $100 to replace the lens alone. Driving at night with badly oxidized headlights is dangerous, since your headlights are likely your only source of light. In some instances, a badly oxidized headlight can be five times less bright than a brand new headlight.

Fast Brite Reviews

While safety is definitely the main concern for removing oxidation and repairing the damage it might cause, it also causes your car to be less aesthetically pleasing. Even if the rest of your car is polished, shined and looking brand new, this look is immediately tarnished by badly oxidized headlights. With this product, even extremely old classic cars can have their headlights restored to near straight from the showroom quality.

It’s amazing enough that Fast Brite can work so well at removing yellowing and oxidation, but it’s also great in how quick and convenient it is to use. Since it includes polish, protecting solution and a scrubbing sponge, there is no reason to buy any additional products. It’s all included in one convenient package. Its simplicity comes in the fact that it can be applied in only two or three steps, consisting of applying each liquid with the sponge and scrubbing the oxidation off as it polishes. Lastly, it’s quicker than any other method on the market, able to repair oxidized lenses in less than a minute.

Is it Worth the Price?

If you’re concerned with whether Fast Brite is truly worth your money, you shouldn’t be. For one, it works wonderfully on every headlight for every make and model of car on the market. There is no question of compatibility, which is often the problem with competing products and replacement kits. It’s also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning that in the off chance you aren’t pleased with the results, you can send it back without worry.

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Considering everything Fast Brite does, it’s actually one of the most affordable options on the market. For instance, at a cost of $100 for a replacement headlight lens, nearly four sets or more of this product could be ordered. And since each set can be used on multiple headlights, you’re actually saving even more. The site also occasionally offers specials such as 2-for-1 deals, making the product’s value even greater.

The Verdict

Unless your car just came off the assembly line, there’s a good chance that Fast Brite is a product you can use. It simply isn’t safe to drive at night with cloudy headlights, and this is really the only product that can fix such a problem without replacing the lenses entirely. Not only will it provide you with increased safety while driving, it will also make your car look a lot better. Since it’s also so low cost and works so quickly, it’s also nearly hassle-free. It’s a product every driver should own.