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Finishing Touch Review

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Removing hair from the more sensitive areas of your body can be a challenge. Tweezing is painful, and razor can leave bumps or cuts. The sensitive areas of your face can be especially problematic, with few tools able to remove hair effectively. The Finishing Touch aims to be the key to solving these problems. Read on to find out if it truly does the job.

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finishing touchPros:

  • Swiveling head
  • No pain
  • Lighted tip
  • Works instantly
  • Glides easily


  • May need several passes for large areas
  • May get lost easily

What is the Finishing Touch?

The Finishing Touch is a small, portable hair removal device designed to be used on the sensitive areas of the body, specifically the face. Using a unique hair removal technology, the device causes no pain and removes hair at the gentlest touch. It also is designed to not cut skin or cause any kind of razor burn, making it safer to use than a standard shaver. Every device also includes a lighted tip that allows the user to see exactly where they are removing hair and just how much is being removed.

Using the Finishing Touch is fairly simple. After installing the included AA battery, the device can be turned on and used immediately. To remove hair, the user simply needs to lightly run the device over the chosen area of the body. As the device glides along the skin, the user can see the hair fall off due to the lighted head. For harder to reach areas, the head tilts to allow it to be repositioned easily. After use, the device can be turned off and stored in a purse or beauty bag.

Features and Benefits

The most apparent benefit of using a Finishing Touch versus a standard shaver is that it removes hair with absolutely no pain. Thanks to micro-oscillating blades, the device is able to remove hair quickly and without unnecessary force. Without the unnecessary force that razors require, razor burn and bumps are nonexistent. This also means no creams or lotions are needed either, which makes using the device cleaner and quicker than plucking or shaving.

One of the other impressive features of Finishing Touch is that it is surprisingly small, meaning it can literally go anywhere with you. At about the size of a marker, it can easily be thrown in a purse, travel bag or backpack without any problems. It could even be kept easily in your pocket. No heavy battery packs or tangling cords are there to weigh the device down since it runs efficiently on a single battery, which makes it even better to travel with.

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A few other simple additions also lead to a significantly grand performance. For one, the lighted tip is nothing short of brilliant as it makes seeing what you’re removing clear regardless of the ambient light around you. In combination with a mirror, there’s almost no place you won’t be able to use the device. On this same note, the adjustable swiveling head also makes reaching typically unreachable areas a simple task. Whether it’s the back of your neck or under your chin, you’ll be able to remove stubborn hair without question.

Issues with the Product

The list of issues with the Finishing Touch is thankfully quite short, as it really is very effective at removing hair painlessly. That said, there are a few small issues that may come up. First off, one of the device’s best features can also be a hindrance, and that is the product’s small size. Since it is fairly small, there may be times when you won’t be able to find the device in a large bag. This can be remedied by placing the product in a specific section or compartment of your purse so you won’t have to hunt for it.

Furthermore, the fact that the device is small also means you will have to go over larger areas of your body several times. This isn’t a big problem, since the device is mostly used for small patches of hair, but it should be noted.

Bargains and Sales

As with all purchases, you’ll definitely want to make sure you get the best deal possible when purchasing your Finishing Touch. The best offer out there seems to be offered by the official site for the device. Currently, they are including a free lighted magnifying mirror with every purchase.

finishing touch reviews

Another bonus they include is an eyebrow attachment that can be used to quickly shape eyebrows without the need for any other special tools. These offers tend to change, so you may be able to find a different deal if you wait. If you see one that really catches your eye, however, don’t be afraid to buy it.

Is it Just for Women?

One of the questions you’re likely to ask upon seeing the commercial for the product is if it’s really only meant to be used by women. While not every man will likely want to use a product that is heavily marketed to women, the product can actually be just as useful for a man as it is for a woman.

Hair is hair, after all, and while a man’s hair may be a bit coarser on average, the Finishing Touch can still remove it without any problems at all. It is certainly better than a large razor for simply removing a few stray hairs, so men shouldn’t be afraid to give the product a try.


It’s easy to see that the Finishing Touch, while not a product without a few minor faults, is a great choice for anyone looking to easily and quickly remove unwanted hair. While plucking and tweezing may work for some, most people would much rather have a painless method that can be done with little to no mess. The Finishing Touch offers just that and it does so in a surprisingly small package. It’s a good product that you aren’t likely to regret buying anytime soon.